Ugly American #9

UA Issue #9 cover Released : 1994

Tagline : "The snot heard round the world"

Masthead :
Editor/Publisher: Greg Chapman
Editor: Ed Sullivan
Asst. Editor: Tim Cronin

Staff Members:
Bliss Blood
Stefanie Himes
Rob Leecock
Reed Linkletter, Jr.
J. Marlowe Tom Smith
Freddy The Bastard
The Sly-Wandering Vagrant

Cover art by Rob Leecock

Publisher's Statement :
Ugly American is published by the light of the harvest moon for Biblioclast Periodicals, a division of Ill Will Enterprises. Single issues are $3 wherever and $4 by snail mail. Trades aren't wanted ('cept for porn) and those asking for free copies will get a barguest infestation and other acts of goblinry. Send $ for ad rates. Those sending unsolicited submissions will be attacked by black candle magic. Threatening letters are welcome. Our review policy goes something like this: keep it to yourself and you won't get hurt.

CONTENTS [138pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)
Moistboyz / the Offspring / Pennywise, 3/?/94, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Greg Chapman)
Codger, 3/17/94, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ (Ed sullivan)
Godspeed / Misanthrope / Deafhorn / Fireball Head / Sivle, 3/?/94, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ
        (Greg Chapman)
Senseless, 4/28/94, Roulette, NYC (J. Marlowe)
Chop Shop, 4/29/94, Roulette, NYC (J. Marlowe)
Thurston Moore / Slant 6 / Keiji Heino / Gate / Rudolph Grey-Blue Humans, 4/29/94, Thread Waxing Space,
        NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
Codger / Schlong, 5/2/94, T-Bird's Cafe, Asbury Park NJ (Greg Chapman)
Hair And Skin Trading Co, 5/5/94, CBGB'S, NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
Shellac / Rodan / Brick Layer Cake / Shorty, 5/9/94, Thread Waxing Space, NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
Guided By Voices / Prisonshake / Cobra Verde / A Bullet For Fidel, 6/22/94, Thread Waxing Space, NYC NY
        (J. Marlowe)
Cop Shoot Cop / Ex-Vegas / Bubblegum Thunder, 7/22/94, Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ (Ed Sullivan)
Rodan / Don Caballero / Pitchblende / Pony / William Hooker, 7/23/94, Brownies, NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
The Bilders / Harry Pussy / Licht-Surgal, 8/11/94, Knitting Factory, NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
Come / Bedhead / Ruby Falls / Sex Pod, 8/19/94, CBGBS, NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
Crisis / Negative Male Child / Starkweather / Stigmata / All Out War, 8/26/94, CBGBS, NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
Wisdom Teeth / Mecca Bodega / Vas Deferens, 9/10/94, 4th Annual Avant-Garde Festival, Trenton NJ
        (Ed Sullivan)
Buzzov-en / Human Remains / Lord Sterling's Blue Acid Camp, 9/15/94, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ
        (Greg chapman)
Helios Creed / Dog Faced Hermans / God Is My Co-Pilot, 10/14/94, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (Ed Sullivan)
Mule / Jack-0-Nut, 10/15/94, Khyber Pass, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
East Coast Video Show, 10/20/94, Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City NJ (Greg Chapman)
Monster Magnet / Muzzle / Lord Sterling's Blue Acid Camp, 10/22/94. Fastlane, Asbury Park NJ (Greg Chapman)

Dog Faced Hermans
Fireball Head

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
Anal Cunt -- Everyone Should Be Killed, Earache (Greg Chapman)
Asphyx -- Asphyx, Century Media (Ed Sullivan)
Bad Religion -- Recipe For Hate, ? (Greg Chapman)
Bailter Space -- Vortura, Matador (Tim Cronin)
Beastie Boys -- Ill Communication, Grand Royal/Capitol (Greg Chapman)
House Of Pain -- Same As It Ever Was, Tommy Boy (Greg chapman)
The Beguiled -- The Beguiled, Crypt (Ed Sullivan)
Brainbombs -- Genius And Brutality...Taste And Power, Blackjack (Greg Chapman)
Brutal Juice -- I Love The Way They Scream When They Die, cassette ? (Greg Chapman)
Carcass -- Heartwork, Earache/Columbia (J. Marlowe)
Circle X -- Celestial, Matador (Greg Chapman)
Codger -- new demo, ? (Tim Cronin)
Come -- EP, Matador (Greg Chapman)
Concussion Ensemble -- Stampede, Conc (Greg Chapman)
Cop Shoot Cop -- Release, Interscope (Greg Chapman)
Crunt -- LP, Trance (Tim Cronin)
DFL -- My Crazy Life, Grand Royal (Greg Chapman)
El Magnifico -- Insanimo Blastimo, ? (Greg Chapman)
Enchantment -- Dance The Marble Naked, Century Media (Greg Chapman)
Entombed -- Wolverine Blues, Earache/Columbia (Greg Chapman)
Fireworks -- Fireworks, Crypt (Ed Sullivan)
Gaunt -- Sob Story Thrill Jockey (Greg Chapman)
Gories -- Outta Here, Crypt (Tim Cronin)
Grifters -- Crappin' You Neqative, Shangri-La (Greg Chapman)
Hair And Skin Trading Co. -- Over Valence, Beggar's Banquet (Greg Chapman)
PJ Harvey -- 4-Track Demos, Island (Ed Sullivan)
Helmet -- Betty, Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
Huggy Bear -- Taking The Rough With The Smooch, Kill Rock Stars (Ed Sullivan)
Hybryds -- The Rhythm Of The Ritual, Charnel (Greg Chapman)
Ice Cube -- Lethal Injection, Priority (Gacy Lords)
Industrial Tepee -- Hymns For The Civil Savage, Animal Street (Greg Chapman)
Jack-0-Fire -- Six Soul Stirring Smash Hits, Estrus (Tim Cronin)
Jack-0-Nuts -- EP, Matador (Greg Chapman)
Kustomized -- The Mystery Of..., Matador (Greg Chapman)
Lesser -- I Hate Me, Endless (Greg Chapman)
Lewd -- Rivet, Nux Organization (Greg Chapman)
Luscious Jackson -- Natural Inqrediants, Grand Royal (Gacy Lords)
Magic Hour -- No Excess Is Absurd, Twisted Village (Greg Chapman)
Marilyn Manson -- CD, Nothing (Greg Chapman)
Marilyn Manson -- EP, Nothing (Greg Chapman)
Mayhem -- De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Century Media (Greg Chapman)
MC 900 Ft Jesus -- One Step Ahead Of The Spider, American (Greg Chapman)
G.Love & Special Sauce -- Debut CD, ? (Greg Chapman)
Melt-Banana -- Speak Squeak Creak, Charnel Music (Greg Chapman)
Moistboyz -- Carjack EP, Grand Royal (Greg Chapman)
Mudhoney -- Piece Of Cake, Reprise (Tim Cronin)
split single w/Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
H20 w/ Billy Childish, $5 Bob's Mock Cooter Stew, Reprise (Tim Cronin)
Mule -- Wrung EP, Touch & Go (Tim Cronin)
My Sin -- Build My Gallows High, Endless (Greg Chapman)
Natas -- Blaz4me, Reel Life (Gacy Lords)
Nokturnel -- Nothing But Hatred, JL-America (Greg Chapman)
Pop Will Eat Itself -- Amalgamation, ? (Greg Chapman)
Public Enemy -- Muse Sick N' Hour Mess Age, Def Jam (Gacy Lords)
Ramleh -- Homeless, Broken Flag (Greg Chapman)
Rodan -- LP, ? (Tim Cronin)
Rollins Band -- Weight, Imago (Gacy Lords)
Schooly D -- Welcome To America, Ruffhouse/Columbia (Greg Chapman)
Shonen Knife -- Rock Animals, Virgin (Gacy Lords)
Skullflower -- IIIrd Gatekeeper, Head Dirt (Ed Sullivan)
Skullflower -- Last Shot At Heaven, Noiseville (Greg Chapman)
Sleep -- Sleep's Holy Mountain, Earache (Gacy Lords)
Small Ball Paul -- You In Flames, Beggar's Banquet (Ed Sullivan)
Snoop Doggy Dogg -- Doggy Style, Death Row (Greg Chapman)
Sonic Youth -- Experimental Jet Set, Trash, And No Star, DGC (Ed Sullivan)
Spacemen 3 -- Dreamweapon, Sympathy (Greg Chapman)
Standard American Diet -- CD, Endless (Greg Chapman)
Sundial -- Libertine, Beggar's Banquet (Ed Sullivan)
Supersuckers -- I forgot the name but it's in Spanish, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Supreme Dicks -- Working Man's Dick, Freek (Greg Chapman)
Terveet Kadet -- Bizarre Domination EP, Alternative Action (Freddy the Bastard)
Thinking Fellers Union 282 -- Mother Of All Saints, Matador (Greg Chapman)
Toadies -- Rubberneck, Interscope (Greg Chapman)
Torture Chorus -- In The Land Of Lullabye, Charnel Music (Greg Chapman)
Urge Overkill -- Saturation, DGC (Gacy Lords)
V/A -- Arrhythmia II, Charnel Music (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Grind Continuum Technosonic (Greg Chapman)
Tom Waits -- The Black Rider, Island (Tim Cronin)
Weezer -- self titled CD, DGC (Gacy Lords)
Wu-Tang Clan -- Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, Loud/RCA (Greg Chapman)
Beck -- Mellow Gold DGC (Gacy Lords)
Biohazard -- State Of The world Address Warner Bros (Gacy Lords)
Green Day -- Dookie Reprise (Gacy Lords)
Hammer -- The Funky Headhunter Giant (Gacy Lords)
Hole -- Live Through This DGC (Gacy Lords)
Life Of Agony -- River Runs Red Roadracer (Gacy Lords)
Live -- Throwing Copper MCA (Gacy Lords)
Nine Inch Nails -- The Downward Spiral TVT (Gacy Lords)
Nirvana -- In Utero DGC (Gacy Lords)
Pearl Jam -- & Atlantic (Gacy Lords)
Smashing Pumpkins -- Siamese Dream Virgin (Gacy Lords)
Soundgarden -- Superunknown A&M (Gacy Lords)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -- Back Slider Crypt (Gacy Lords)
Surgery -- Shimmer Atlantic (Gacy Lords)
Unsane -- Total Destruction Atlantic (Gacy Lords)
Vanilla Ice -- Mind lowi in' SVK (Gacy Lords)
Bugman -- I Stand Accused, Anyway (Ed Sullivan)
Caroliner Whatever The Fuck They're Calling Themselves This Week / Eeyore Gas Guzzler -- split 7",
        (Tim Cronin)
Chrome Cranks -- "Darkroom" /"Burn Baby Burn", PCP (Ed Sullivan)
Crash Worship -- Pyru, Charnel Music (Greg Chapman)
Deathwish -- Tailgate, Lost & Found (Freddy the Bastard)
Fuse -- Dbl 7", PCP (Ed Sullivan)
Gear Jammer -- Horse Power 2000, Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Gravitar -- "Evil Monkey Boy"/"She Not Heavy", Charnel Music (Greg Chapman)
Keijo Haino -- Guitar Works I-VIII, Table Of Elements (Tim Cronin)
Harry Pussy -- 5 song 7", Esync (Greg Chapman)
Jack-0-Fire -- Bring Me The Head Of John Spencer, Undone (Tim Cronin)
Jack-0-Fire -- Clothes Make The Man, Estrus (Tim Cronin)
The Kent 3 -- "Chromies"/"4", Bag Of Hammers (Tim Cronin)
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones -- "Detriot Rock City", Mercury (Gacy Lords)
Moistboyz -- O.G. Simpson, ? (Greg Chapman)
Monoshock -- Primitive Zippo, Womb (Tim Cronin)
Motherhead Bug -- Aqe Of Dwarfs, PCP (Ed Sullivan)
New Bomb Turks -- "Trying To Get By"/"Last Lost Fight", Sympathy (Tim Cronin)
Railroad Jerk -- Milk The Cow, PCP (Ed Sullivan)
Ramleh -- 8-Ball Corner Pocket, Sympathy (Freddy the Bastard)
Rollins Band -- "Low Self 0pinion"/"Hard", live boot (Freddy the Bastard)
Skullflower -- Evel Knievel, Sympathy (Freddy the Bastard)
Shellac -- 2 singles, Touch & Go (Tim Cronin)
Slowworm -- "Torso"/"March Of The Insects", PCP (Ed Sullivan)
Spaceboy -- no writing on the label & I lost the sleeve., ? (Tim Cronin)
Space Streakings -- "Sexual Aesthetic Salon After School" / "complaining children", Skin Graft (Ed Sullivan)
Statics -- 2 singles Rip Off & Super, Electro (Tim Cronin)
Strapping Field Hands -- "Looking At The Sun"/"SunSun", Compulsiv (Greg Chapman)
Thee Headcoats "I'm A Confused Man"/"Know Your Hungers", Sympathy (Tim Cronin)
Today Is The Day -- "I Bent Scared"/"Come On Down...", Am Rep (Freddy the Bastard)
Wellwater Conspiracy -- 2 singles Super, Super Electro (Greg Chapman)
Acid Bath -- When The Kite Strings Pop, Rotten (Gacy Lords)
Band De Soliel -- Redemption Dream, Daemon (Greg Chapman)
Buzzov-en -- Sore, Roadrunner (Greg Chapman)
Cherubs -- Heroin Man, Trance Syndicate (Ed Sullivan)
Cop Shoot Cop -- Release, Interscope (Ed Sullivan)
Don Caballero -- For Respect, Touch & Go (J. Marlowe)
Disgust -- Brutality Of War, Earache (Greg Chapman)
Fifty Lashes -- Harder, Dr. Dream/PMRC (D. Monster)
Ginger Leigh -- UFO Loudness Overdose, Stoned Booty (Greg Chapman)
Guzzard -- Get a Witness, Amphetamine Reptile (Greg Chapman)
Halo Benders -- God Don't Make No Junk, K (Gacy Lords)
Harry Pussy -- 12", Silt Breeze (Ed Sullivan)
Huggy Bear -- Main Squeeze 7", Rugger Bugger (Ed Sullivan)
Imp Rape 2000 -- tape, ? (Greg Chapman)
Jerky Boys -- Jerky Boys 2, Select (Gacy Lords)
Liquid Hips -- Static Enemy (Greg Chapman)
Madball -- Set It Off, Roadrunner (Gacy Lords)
Monster Magnet -- Peel Sessions, ? (Greg Chapman)
Monster Voodoo Machine -- State Control, D-Tribe (Gacy Lords)
Morbid Angel -- The Laibach Mixes, Earache (Gacy Lords)
Offspring -- Smash, Epitaph (Ed Sullivan)
Ozric Tentacles -- Arborescence, IRS (Greg Chapman)
Pagans -- Everybody Hates You, Crypt (Ed Sullivan)
Prong -- Cleansing, IRS (Greg Chapman)
Wayne Rogers -- The Seven Arms Of The Sun, Twisted Village (Greg Chapman)
Shellac -- At Action Park, Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Skrew -- Dusted, Metal Blade (Gacy Lords)
Skullf lower -- "Choady Fostern/"Spent Force", Helter Skelter (Ed Sullivan)
Slayer -- Divine Intervention, American (Greg Chapman)
Slint -- 10", Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Tiamat -- Wildhoney, Century Media (Greg Chapman)
Unleashed -- Live In Vienna, Century Media (Gacy Lords)
V/A -- Natural Born Killers soundtrack, Nothing (Greg Chapman)
New Bomb Turks -- Drunk On Cock 10" ? (Ed Sullivan)
New Bomb Turks -- split 7" w/ Devil Dogs, ? (Ed Sullivan)
Bloodsugar -- In & Out, Weigh (Greg Chapman)
Liz Phair -- Whip Smart, Matador/Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
The Business -- Keep The Faith, Century Media (Greg Chapman)
Crankcase -- "Capitol Hill Murder Suicide Pact"/"Riverbed", Static (Ed Sullivan)
English Dogs -- Bow To None, Century Media (Gacy Lords)
Experimental Audio Research -- Mesmerised CD, Sympathy (Greg Chapman)
Experimental Audio Research -- Pocket Symphony 5", Sympathy (Greg Chapman)
Jack-0-Nuts -- Piss Land, Mind Of A Child (Greg Chapman)
Jazzwinder -- Recorded Sometime In The Future..., tape (Gacy Lords)
Lazy -- You & Me 7", Roadtrip/Roadrunner (Ed Sullivan)
Liquorball -- Hauls Ass, Blackjack (Greg Chapman)
Motocaster -- Acid Rock, Fist Puppet (Tim Cronin)
Outside Inside -- LP, Hell Yeah (Tim Cronin)
Sub Rosa -- "Roll over"/"Holy Joe" 7", ? (Ed Sullivan)
To Live And Shave In L.A. -- 30 Minuten Mannercreme CD, LISP (Gacy Lords)
To Live And Shave In L.A. -- Prostitution Heute! EP, Night Cap (Gacy Lords)
Toxic Reasons -- Independence, Century Media (Greg Chapman)

"Perversion Brain", porn movie reviews by Greg Chapman.
Specter (zFX), by Greg Chapman.

Mule tour diary, by Kevin Munroe.
To Live and Shave In La thing by Tom Smith
Bohemian Tour diary of the Mid-West and South, the Sly-Wandering Vagrant
Kim Chambers (porn star), interview by Greg Chapman.
Found Letter, from girl to loser boyfriend.
Magazine/Book reviews by Freddy the Bastard.
The Mad Pad, music, lifestyle, and commentary by Reed Linkletter, Jr.
Too Many Pages of Politics, Paranoia, and Analysis by The Sly-Wandering vagrant.
Short Glossary of UA Porn Terms, by Greg Chapman.
Word Search, 13 words (found).

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)
Codger, bad photo by Ed Sullivan.
Codger, bad photo by Ed Sullivan.
Brainbombs, provided by band.
Dog Faced Germans live, provided by band.
Dog Faced Germans live, provided by band.
MoistBoys, provided by band (I think).
Schoolly-D, live at Chestnut Cabaret, Phila PA, by Rob B.
Schoolly-D graffiti on "School" sign, St. John's Collegs, Santa Fe NM campus, 1993, by Rob B.
Greg Chapman, promo record bonfire barrel, by unknown.
Kim Chambers, provided by Kim C.
Found Photo, girl and loser boyfriend, see "Other Material."
"Perfy", the official NJ State acid tab.
Fygar, from Dig Dug, congratulates Special Olympics entrant. Terrifying.

Art and Graphics :
Diagram on how to catheterize yourself, prob stolen.
Blue interview lead, by band.
Codger interview lead, amazing. Done by band.
Fireball Head, interview lead, by band.
Head Power, illustratin of comic strip characters used on LSD tabs.
Sensual Illustration by Stef.
Legends of Red Bank cartoon.
Fanzine Writers : USA, cartoons of different types of zine writers.

Ads :
Little Red Devil Pills ad.

Notes :
None yet.

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