Ugly American #8

UA Issue #8 cover

Released : 1992

Tagline : "The Great Satan of music publications."

Masthead :
Editor/Publisher: Greg Chapman
Editor: Ed Sullivan
Asst. Editor: Tim Cronin

Staff Members:
Tod Ashley
Jez Aspinal
Bliss Blood
Lisa Carver
Steven Cerio
J. Christopher Marlowe
Scott Ruth
Tom Smith
Freddy the Bastard

Cover design by Subvert Entertainment

Publisher's Statement :
Ugly American is published once a year, on or around a solstice or something, but don't count on it. Single issues are $3 dollars if you can find it anywhere and $4 dollars (or a box of Boo Berry) via the mail. If you don't send the proper amount we will kindly ask the Angel of the Open Sore to bless you with a tumor. Serious inquiries of ad rates only, all others will be plagued nightly by the legions of the cloven hoof as we see fit. All unsolicited submissions (art, poetry, letters) feed the furnaces and all unwanted promos go to the landfill. Don't send anything for review. Don't blame anybody but yourself. Fuck off.
CONTENTS [66pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)
Suckdog, 7/7/92, Khyber Pass, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
Pain Teens, 10/20/92, Khyber Pass, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
East Coast Video Show, 10/29/92, Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City NJ (Greg Chapman)
Royal Trux / Crust / Genghis Kahn Experience, 11/3/92, Khyber Pass, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
Ice Cube & Da Lench Mob, 3/1/93, Trocodero, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
Eggman / Codger / Dissonance, 6/?/93, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ (Greg Chapman)
Jethro Tull / Procol Harem, 8/26/93, Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel NJ (Greg Chapman)

Sonic Boom (from Spaceman 3)
Christy Canyon (porn starlet) mail interview.

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
Accidental Tribe -- Jazzgodrok, Noiseville (Tim Cronin)
Alice In Chains -- Dirt, Columbia (Greg Chapman)
Alien Boys -- Doom Picnic, Rave (Tim Cronin)
Steven Jesse Bernstein -- Prison, Sub Pop (Ed Sullivan)
Big Black -- Pigpile, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Bolt Thrower -- The IVth Crusade, Relativity/Earache (Greg Chapman)
Brainbombs -- Burning Hell, Black Jack (Greg Chapman)
Bullet LaVolta -- The Gun Didn't Know I Was Loaded, Matador (Tim Cronin)
Bushwick Bill -- Little Big Man, Rap-A-Lot (Ed Sullivan)
Butthole Surfers -- Independent Worm Saloon, Capitol (Greg Chapman)
Codger -- demo, ? (Tim Cronin)
Come -- 11:11, Matador (Tim Cronin)
Cop Shoot Cop -- Suck City EP, Interscope (Ed Sullivan)
Cop Shoot Cop -- Ask Questions Later, Interscope (Greg Chapman)
Crystallized Movements -- Revelations From Pandemonium, T.Village (Greg Chapman)
Daisycutter -- Shithammer Deluxe, Rockville (Greg Chapman)
Deicide -- Legion, RC (Ed Sullivan)
Didjits -- Little Miss Carriage, Touch & Go (J. Marlowe)
Dog-Faced Hermans -- Hum Of Life, Project A Bomb (Ed Sullivan)
Dr. Dre -- The Chronic, Priority (Greg Chapman)
Eazy E -- 5150-Home 4 Tha Sick, Priority (Greg Chapman)
The Fall -- The Infotainment Scam, Matador/Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
Flipper -- American Grafishy, Def American (Tim Cronin)
Ganksta N-I-P -- The South Park Psycho, Rap-A-Lot (Greg Chapman)
[missing] (Tim Cronin)
Helmet -- Meantime, ? (Greg Chapman)
Iowa Beef Experience -- Personalien, Rave (Tim Cronin)
The Jesus Lizard -- Liar, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Johnboy -- Pistolswing, Trance (Ed Sullivan)
King Carcass -- Other Species, Other Minds, No. 6 (Greg Chapman)
Godflesh -- Pure, Earache (Ed Sullivan)
God Is LSD -- Spirit Of Suicide, Century Media (Greg Chapman)
Great Phone Calls -- LP, Amarillo (Tim Cronin)
Guru -- Jazzmatazz, Chrysalis (Greg Chapman)
Hawkwind -- BBC Radio 1, Windsong (Greg Chapman)
Laughing Hyenas -- Crawl EP, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Lida Husik -- Your Bag, Shimmy Disk (J. Marlowe)
Liquor Ball -- Fucks The Sky, Black Jack (Greg Chapman)
Liquor Ball -- Fucks The Sky, Black Jack (Tim Cronin)
LL Cool J -- 14 Shots To The Dome, Def Jam (Greg Chapman)
Run DMC -- Down With The King, Profile (Greg Chapman)
Luxurious Bags -- Voluntary Lifetime Quarantine, Twisted Village (Ed Sullivan)
Melvins -- Lysol, Boner (Ed Sullivan)
Merzbow & Null -- Deus Irae, Nux Organization (Greg Chapman)
Ministry -- Psalm 69, Sire (Ed Sullivan)
Monster Magnet -- Drinking, Smoking, Fucking, bootleg (Tim Cronin)
Monster Magnet -- Evil 12", Glitterhouse (Ed Sullivan)
Monster Magnet -- Superjudge, A&M (Greg Chapman)
Morbid Angel -- Covenant, Giant (Greg Chapman)
Nada -- Awkward Y Borrocha Core Del Fodo, Flying Esophagus (Tim Cronin)
Neurosis -- Souls At Zero, Alternative Tentacles (Ed Sullivan)
Nightblooms -- CD, Seed (Greg Chapman)
Nude Swirl -- self-titled CD, Megaforce (Ed Sullivan)
Palace Brothers -- self-titled LP, Drag City (Ed Sullivan)
Pavement -- Slanted & Enchanted, Matador (J. Marlowe)
Porno For Pyros -- self-titled CD, Warner Bros (Greg Chapman)
Primus -- Pork Soda (Greg Chapman)
Program 2 -- EP From Hell, Vortex (Greg Chapman)
Ripping Corpse -- demo, ? (Greg Chapman)
Royal Trux -- Royal Trux, Drag City (Ed Sullivan)
Royal Trux -- Cats & Dogs, Drag City (Ed Sullivan)
Wayne Rogers -- Ego River, Twisted Village (Ed Sullivan)
Samael -- Blood Ritual, Century Media (Greg Chapman)
Sebadoh -- Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Skrew -- Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame, Metal Blade (Tim Cronin)
Splintered/Headbutt -- Split EP, Noiseville (Tim Cronin)
Steroid Maximus -- Gondwanaland, Big Cat (Greg Chapman)
Sugar Shack -- Charmer, Cargo (Ed Sullivan)
Swans -- Love Of Life, Young God (J. Marlowe)
Toiling Midgets -- Son, Matador (J. Marlowe)
Union Carbide Productions -- Swing, Radium (Tim Cronin)
Unsane -- Singles 89-92, Matador (Greg Chapman)
Vader -- The Ultimate Incantation, Earache (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Dead Tech 3, Charnel House (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Guitarrorists, No.6 (J. Marlowe)
V/A -- virus 100 compilation, Alternative Tentacles (Freddy the Bastard)
Various Assholes -- Mesomorph Enduros, Big Cat (Ed Sullivan)
Tom Waits -- Bone Machine, Island (Ed Sullivan)
Wall Of Voodoo -- The Index Masters, Restless (Greg Chapman)
AC/DC -- Live, Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
Anthrax -- Sound Of White Noise, Elektra (Greg Chapman)
Clawhammer -- Pablum, Epitaph (Greg Chapman)
Flowerhead -- ka-Bloom!, Zoo (Greg Chapman)
Francis X -- Tribal Music From Hollywood, Bizarre/Straight (Greg Chapman)
Free Kitten -- Call NOW, Ecstatic Peace (Greg Chapman)
Madonna -- Erotica, Sire (Greg Chapman)
Mercury Rev -- Yerself Is Steam, Columbia (Greg Chapman)
Murder, Inc -- CD, Invisible (Greg Chapman)
Nine Inch Nails -- Broken, TVT (Greg Chapman)
Onyx -- Bacdafucup, Ral (Greg Chapman)
Stone Temple Pilots -- Core, Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
Sweetwater -- Roads Life Goes, Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
Urge Overkill -- Stull EP, Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Verve -- EP, Vernon Yard (Greg Chapman)
White Lion -- The Best Of White Lion, Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
Winger -- Pull, Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
Arcwelder -- "Raleigh" / "Walls" / "Rosa", Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Bricks -- The Getting Wet Part, Merge (Tim Cronin)
Buzzov-en -- Hate Box, Kerb Dog (Tim Cronin)
Buzzov-en -- Wound, Allied (Tim Cronin)
Wild Billy Childish & The Deltamen -- double 7", Sympathy (Tim Cronin)
Circle X -- "compression Of The species"/"Fail Better", Matador (Greg Chapman)
Come -- "Past Piss Blues"/"I Got The Blues", Matador (Ed Sullivan)
Cows -- "Plowed"/"In The Mouth", Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Drunks With Guns -- Headgiver, Bag Of Hammers (Tim Cronin)
Dwarves -- "Underworld" / "Lies", Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Flipper -- Flipper Twist" / "Fucked up", Matador / Def American (Tim Cronin)
The Garbage And The Flowers -- "Catnip" / "Carousel", Twisted Vil. (Ed Sullivan)
Gruntruck -- "Above Me" / "Machine Action", Road Runner (Tim Cronin)
Iowa Beef Experience -- "New South" / "Octopus", Rave (Greg Chapman)
Jesus Lizard / Nirvana -- "Puss " / "Oh, The Guilt", Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Magic Juan -- "Hellwrinkle" / "Monkey Grabs The Peaches", Halogen (Greg Chapman)
Mothers Day -- Zogg, Project A Bomb (Tim Cronin)
Mule -- "I'm Hell" / "To Love Somebody" 1/4 Stick, (Tim Cronin)
Pavement -- "Trigger Cut", +2, Matador (Greg Chapman)
Phleg Camp -- "Twilight Pink"/"Hog Bottom" Allied (Tim Cronin)
Rake -- "Subterranean Mushroom garden"/"US Tv", VHF (Greg Chapman)
Rein Sanction -- "Deeper Road/"R.K." Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Slughog -- "Swine","Gut" / "100 Gloves", Cinder Block (Tim Cronin)
Sonic Youth -- "Youth Against Fascism", David Geffen Co (J. Marlowe)
Strangulated Beatoffs -- Dbl-7", ? (Ed Sullivan)
Table -- "Unwind" / "Gag Box", Spangled (Tim Cronin)
Tar -- "Teetering" / The In Crowd", Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Transilvia -- Screaming In The Basement Strapped To A Leather Spiderweb, Well Primed (J. Marlowe)
Versus -- "Astronaut" / "Insomnia", Landspeed (Tim Cronin)
Versus -- "Bright Light"/"Forest Fire", Pop Narcotic (Tim Cronin)
Wingtip Sloat -- Half Past I've Got, dble 7", VHF (Tim Cronin)
Best Kissers In The World -- Been There, MCA (Greg Chapman)
Boss Hog -- Girl +, Amphetamine Reptile (Greg Chapman)
Cows -- Sexy Pee Story, Amphetamine Reptile (Greg Chapman)
Crackerbash -- Tin Toy, Empty (Greg Chapman)
Cypress Hill -- Black Sunday, Ruffhouse (Greg Chapman)
Deep Jimi & The Zep Creams -- Funky Dinosaur, East/West (Greg Chapman)
Didjits -- Que Sirhan Sirhan, Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Eye Hate God -- Take As Needed For Pain, Century Media (Greg Chapman)
Graveyard Rodeo -- Sowing Discord In The Haunts Of Man, C. Media (Greg Chapman)
James Hall -- My Love, Sex And Spirit, Daemon (Greg Chapman)
Hater -- debut LP, A&M (Greg Chapman)
Melvins -- major lbl debut, Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones -- Don't Know How To Party, Mercury (Greg Chapman)
Mind Bomb -- CD, Mercury (Greg Chapman)
The Oblivious -- America, Daemon (Greg Chapman)
Schnitt Acht -- Slash And Burn Majii (Greg Chapman)
The Screaming Jets -- Tear Of Thought, rooArt (Greg Chapman)
Screwtractor -- Eye, Gravel (Greg Chapman)
Sentenced -- North From Here, Century Media (Greg Chapman)
Shawl -- the Prayer Chain, BMG (Greg Chapman)
Space Streakings -- CD, Nux Organization (Greg Chapman)
Testament -- Return To the Apocalyptik City, Atlantic (Greg Chapman)
Uncle Slam -- Will Work For Food, Restless (Greg Chapman)
Upsidedown Cross -- Evilution, Taang (Greg Chapman)
Vein Laden Meat Pipes -- mini-CD, Couch Home (Greg Chapman)
Versus -- Let's Electrify, Remora (Greg Chapman)

"Perversion Brain" by Greg Chapman. Porn movie reviews.

Cop Shoot Cop 1992 European Tour Diary, by Tod Ashely.
Pain Teens Tour Diary by Bliss Blood.
A Shitter's Guide to Europe, by Tim Cronin. Either a travelog or Monster Magnet Tour Diary by MM light guy.
Christy Canyon (porn starlet) mail interview.
"Our Goddamn Bed", short story thing by J. Marlowe.

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)
Eyehategod, provided by band.
jack*o*nuts, provided by band.
Tod Ashley from Cop Shoot Cop, provided by Tod.
Satanic graffiti, NYC, by Greg Chapman.

Art :
Front and rear cover graphics by Subvert Entertainment
Graphic, Facsimile of only known specimen of the devil's handwriting.
Graphic, from Dig Dug game.

Ads :
Skin Trade zine ad.
Brainbombs / Liquorball record release ad, Blackjack Records.
Morbid Angel Covenant release ad.

Notes :
None yet.

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