ISSUE #8 - 1992

Space Streakings -- CD     Nux Organization
    Sounds like a punk rock Super Nintendo powered by crack. This shit is wild, man, I've never heard a mess like this. If Devo were reborn as Deicide with a rice burner for a drum machine, it'd might match this mayhem. It hits hard, always on the attack, with mindless faster-than-a-speeding-techno beats that hammer the drums of your ears into pieces. here's horns, scratching of the DJ Monsoon variety, industrial crunch that crashes on hard bathtubs of crank, babbling brook vocals that are always boiling over, it never relents. Whew, they must have good speed over there, cuz these guys are squirming out of their skulls. I've been waiting for a Japanese band that stands up to the hype, and these boys tower like Mecha-Godzilla. I'll be a monkey's uncle, it's good.
   -Greg Chapman

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