ISSUE #8 - 1992

Ice Cube & Da Lench Mob
3/1/93, Trocodero, Philadelphia
    So, in preparation for the show, we were gonna slang down a pile of 40 oz's, but lack of funds left us making giant rum and Cokes with an old gallon bottle we had lying around and a bunch of Wawa 44 Magnums of soda. Yeah, sounds real white, but we had to get loaded somehow. On the way up, we pounded them in the car and by the time we hit the door, I was obliterated. But, I was here to bust a serious move, since I hadn't seen Cube since he was in NWA. Now, I figured this would be packed with suburban crackers, but I was wrong. Brotha's to the left, homeboys to the right. Walking through the crowd 'I was dangerous. Keep your head down, look nobody in the eyes, be polite but say nothing" were the rules of the day. I got so many bad looks, four-letter words, and coaching on my manners that I decided to stay put ti1 Cube came out. When it was time to piss, I just whipped out my dick and pissed right on the floor. Shit, I was playing with serious fire, too. It was close quarters and if a brother looked down or felt a drop, I would be a dead man. But, as I learned at a Madonna show, you could do almost anything, even beat-off, when the crowd's eyes are glued to the stage. And, by the way, Da Lench Mob was on it, rocking the fuck out of it. When Cube came out, the place went buck whyle. Although I can only remember him doing "Wicked," the mothafucker put on a show. He was onstage for at least an hour, a rare occurance for typical rap stars, but Cube ain't typical, tho, so he ripped shit up in a grand manner. When he was waltzing offstage, he flung me a towel. I got jumped, but I'm protected by the red, the black, and the obscene. I charged through the audience like Larry Czonka w/ a pigskin. Boo-yeah.
   -Greg Chapman

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