Ugly American #7

UA Issue #7 cover Released : 1991

Tagline : "Where hope is only the beginning of hopelessness"

Masthead :
Editor/Publisher: Greg Chapman
Editor: Ed Sullivan

Staff Members:
Tod Ashley
Jez Aspinal
Bliss Blood
Rob B.
Lisa Carver
Steven Cerio
Tim Cronin
J. Christopher Marlowe
Scott Ruth
Tom Smith
Freddy the Bastard

Publisher's Statement :
Ugly American is published whenever the spirits command. Single issues are $3 if you can find it and $4 thru the mail. If you don't send the proper amount we will kindly ask the Angel of the Open Sore to bless you with a tumor. Send a finger for ad rates. Subscriptions will never be available. All unsolicited submissions (art, poetry, fan mail) stoke the fire. Don't send anything for review. Don't blame anybody but yourself.
Fuck off.

CONTENTS [76pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)
Meat Beat Manifesto / Consolidated, 8/?/91, Fastlane, Asbury Park NJ (Greg Chapman)
Helmet / Jawbox / Daisy Cutter, 8/25/91, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ (J. Marlowe)
GG Allin / Thrust, 9/1/91, Beowulf, NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
Upsidedown Cross, 10/31/91, Space at Chase, NYC NY (Greg Chapman)
Fatima Mansions / Live, 11/6/91, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ (Ed Sullivan)
Naughty By Nature, 11/8/91, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Greg Chapman)
Unsane / John Spencer's Blues Embarrasment / King Kong, 11/22/91, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (Greg Chapman)
Mudhoney / Monster Magnet, 12/29/91, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Greg Chapman)
Foetus / Cop Shoot Cop / Unsane, 1/15/92, the Palladium, NYC NY (Ed Sullivan)
Vanessa Del Rio / Jeanna Fine, 1/17/91, Pin-ups & Wizzards, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
Motherhead Bug, 1/25/91, CBGB's, NYC NY (Greg Chapman)
Cannibal Corpse / Athiest / Gorguts / Nokturnel / Ritual Torment, 1/26/92, Fastlane, Asbury Park NJ
        (Greg Chapman)
Dwarves / Daisy Cutter / Translivia / Godspeed, 2/2/92, Fastlane, Asbury Park NJ (Ed Sullivan)
Bootstrappers / Dustdevils / Electric Owthouse / Fuse / God Is My / Co-Pilot / Zeena Parkins / Marc Robot, 2/8/92, The Kitchen, NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
Beastie Boys / Firehose, 5/22/92, Tradewinds, Sea Bright NJ (Greg Chapman)

Lithium X-mas
Bob Bert of Bewitched and Rebecca Odes of Love Child, sort of. By Lisa Suckdog.

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
ABGS -- Bunkerbeschallung, Coitras Clan (Bliss Blood)
Beastie Boys -- Check Your Head, Capitol (Greg Chapman)
Boss Hog -- Cold Hands, Amphetamine Reptile (Freddy the Bastard)
Brick Layer Cake -- Call It A Day, Touch & Go (J. Marlowe)
The Cakekitchen -- Time Flowing Backwards, Homestead (J. Marlowe)
Codeine -- Frigid Stars Sub Pop (Greg Chapman)
Cop Shoot Cop -- White Noise, Big Cat (Greg Chapman)
Corrosion Of Conformity -- Blind (Scott Ruth)
Cypress Hill -- LP Ruffhouse/Columbia (Greg Chapman)
Daddy Longhead -- Cheatos, Touch & Go (Steven Cerio)
Die Kreuzen -- Cement, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Tim Dog -- Penicillin On Wax, Ruffhouse/~olumb (Ed Sullivan)
Drain -- Pick Up Heaven, Trance (Greg Chapman)
Dwarves -- Thank Heaven For Little Girls, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Earth -- Extra-Capsular Extraction, Sub Pop (Bliss Blood)
Eye Hate God -- In The Name Of Suffering Intel. Convulsion (Bliss Blood)
F/i -- Blue star 12", RRR (Freddy the Bastard)
Flour -- Machinery Hill, Touch & Go (Tom Smith)
Goatlord -- Reflections Of The Solstice, Tombstone (Greg Chapman)
Godflesh -- Slavestate, Relativity/Earache (J Marlowe)
Halo Of Flies -- Music For Insect Minds, Amphetamine Reptile (Greg Chapman)
Happy Mondays -- Pills, Thrills, & Bellyaches, ? (Mrs. Scrod)
Ice Cube -- Death Certificate, Priority (Greg Chapman)
Immolation -- Dawn Of Possession, RC (Greg Chapman)
Melvins -- Eggnog 10", Boner (Freddy the Bastard)
Metallica -- LP, Elektra (Greg Chapman)
Monster Magnet -- Spine Of God, Primo Scree (Greg Chapman)
Monster Magnet -- Tab EP, Glitterhouse (Greg Chapman)
Morbid Angel -- Blessed Are The Sick, Relativity/Earache (Greg Chapman)
Naked City -- Torture Garden, Shimmy Disc (Freddy the Bastard)
Nirvana -- Nevermind, DGC (Ed Sullivan)
Nokturnel -- Welcome To New Jersey tape (Ed Sullivan)
Null -- Sonicfuck USA, Nux Organization (Bliss Blood)
Prisonshake -- Della Street 10', EP (Tim Cronin)
Psychosis -- Face, ? (Scott Ruth)
Ramleh -- Blowhole, Shock (J. Marlowe)
Seaweed -- Despised, Sub Pop (Freddy the Bastard)
Schoolly D -- How A Blackman Feels, Capitol (Ed Sullivan)
Skin Chamber -- Wound, RC (Greg Chapman)
Smashing Pumpkins -- Lull EP, Caroline (Greg Chapman)
Soundgarden -- Badmotorfinger, A&M (Scott Ruth)
Swans -- White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity, Young God (J. Marlowe)
Teenage Fanclub -- Bandwagonesque, DGC (Greg Chapman)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 -- Lovelyville, Matador (Greg Chapman)
Unsane -- self-titled LP, Matador (J. Marlowe)
The World Of Skin -- Ten Songs For Another World, Young God (J. Marlowe)
Bewitched -- "409"/"Junket's Theme", No. 6 (Greg Chapman)
Blue -- "Back Seat Of My Nova"/"Bossy Woman", ERL (Greg Chapman)
Crust -- "Feelings"/"When I Say Yes", Trance (Greg Chapman)
Crystalized Movements -- "The Lowest Step"/"In A Room", No. 6 (Greg Chapman)
Didjits -- Fuck The Pigs, Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Dim Stars -- double 7", Ecstatic Peace (Greg Chapman)
God Is My Co-Pilot -- 7" EP, The Making Of Americans (Ed Sullivan)
Gnome -- "13 Family" /"Dog Energy", Blossom (Tim Cronin)
Helmet -- "Unsung"/"Your Head" Amphetamine Reptile (Greg Chapman)
Hole -- both 7"'es, Sympathy & Sub Pop (Freddy the Bastard)
Lithium X-Mas -- Trigger Mortis, Direct Hit (Greg Chapman)
Liquorball -- "Glow In The Dark" 7", Blackjack (Greg Chapman)
Motherhead Bug -- Raised By Insects...Bugview, Lungcast (Greg Chapman)
Mudhoney/Halo Of Flies -- split 7", Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Penetration Moon -- "Fifth A Day"/"I'm Trash", Sympathy (Greg Chapman)
Rake -- 3-song 7", Collision Time (Greg Chapman)
Reverb Motherfuckers -- LSD 25, Vital Music (Ed Sullivan)
Sebadoh -- Gimme Indie Rock, Homestead (J. Marlowe)
Superchunk -- "The Breadman"/"Cast Iron", Matador (Greg Chapman)
Unsane -- "Jungle Music", "Blood Boyt"/"MY Right", PCP (Tim Cronin)
V/A -- BLEEEEUUUAAARRRRGGGGHH! comp, Slap-A-Ham (Freddy the Bastard)
V/A -- I Hear The Devil Calling Me, Drag City/Xpressway (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Japan Bashing Vol.2, Public Bath (Greg Chapman)
Wingtip Sloat -- 7" EP, Sweet Portable You (J. Marlowe)
World Of Pooh -- "G.H.M. "/"Someone Wants You Dead", K (Freddy the Bastard)

MONSTER MAGNET IN EUROPE '92, "My Kingdom For A Diner", Tour Diary by Tim Cronin
New York Porno Report by Steven Cerio
My Bloody Valentine, interview page mention of UA interview.

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)

Art :
Cover, Demon wind. Some kind of woodcut thing we probably stole from somewhere.
Incomplete gameboard by the band Caroliner.
Pentagram of some kind.
Back cover, person with demons. Another kind of woodcut thing we probably stole from the same place.

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Notes :
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