ISSUE #7 - 1991

Mudhoney / Monster Magnet
12/29/91, City Gardens, Trenton NJ
    The big battle royale between these two took place the night before in NY, but I had to miss it because Surgery was on the bill. From what I heard, there wasn't much of a battle, since these two bands are really more different than you think (Ha Ha). Anyway, what went on at this show wasn't that far from what goes on at most arenas. Despite a crowd of longhairs and punkers moshing and mewling the lyrics, Monster Magnet played a good set. It seems like the kids these days will bend over for just about anything and we all had a hearty laugh about it later on while drinking booze with Mudhoney... Now, speaking of Mudhoney, they're nice guys to get drunk with, but I wouldn't wanna have to listen to their records. Live, they weren't that bad, but then again, I was loaded. Mark Arm threw up a couple of times on stage, but I missed it because I was up in ths band room drinking the rest of their alcohol. Another night passes by in a drunken blur...
   -Greg Chapman

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