ISSUE #7 - 1991

Liquorball -- Glow In The Dark, Blackjack
    Better than the first, this single sounds like Alter-Human Industrial Fetishisms-era Drunks With Guns and Forget Life, I'm High On Dope-era Monster Magnet kicking the shit out of Skullflower for drug money. The low fidelty recording places these men below the totem pole, where they are buried in a pink elephant's graveyard of noisy mud. Messy roll-out-the-barrel guitars, sloppy tap-the-keg drums, and a vocalist with a "Six pack-is-my-'Star Spangled Banner'" attitude all combine to melt in your mind like sugarcubes in a bottle of Everclear. "Loaded on the freeway of life"... Fuckin' A+.
   -Greg Chapman

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