ISSUE #7 - 1991

Meat Beat Manifesto, Consolidated
8/?/91, Fastlane, Asbury Park, NJ
    This show was headlined by Meat Beat Manifesto, but they are a wafting fetid stench and don't deserve my precious anger. Therefore, we will ignore them and take aim at Consolidated's political/media show. Now, the first "political band" I saw was the Dead Kennedys. This was when Biafra was lost in his anal retentive Reagan obsession, mind you, and I figured it'd be tough to surpass his bloated babble. Well, Consolidated are three wanna-be Biafra's crossed with KRS-ONE. They also have a bunch of video screens showing sewn-together clips of politics, porno, and propaganda. They don't like companies, Bush, unoriginal macho energy, meat eating, etc, blah, blah, blah, get the fucking picture? Okay, what's wrong with that, you say? Nothing except that Consolidated cross the fine line between entertainment and rhetoric, and that is why they get the thumb's down. Sure, they're trying to open some eyes, but the message becomes just more dogma to disseminate. Eating acid is cheaper, clearer and leads to the truth without trying to sell you a t-shirt while you're there. Don't get me wrong, Consolidated are on the right track, but seem like another train plowing you down with a message. Plus, they sound like the Age Of Chance. To truly understand, you must avoid music, rise above words, put down this zine and think for your goddamn self, little man. I command you.
   -Greg Chapman

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