Ugly American #6

UA Issue #6 cover Released : 1990

Tagline : "The Doomsday Machine of Fanzines"

Masthead :
Editor/Publisher: Greg Chapman
Editor: Ed Sullivan

Staff Members:
Tod Ashley
Bliss Blood
Rob B.
Keith Cannon
Lisa Suckdog Carver
Steven Cerio
Tim Cronin
J. Christopher Marlowe
Freddy the Bastard

All photos by Rob B. unless otherwise noted
Cover graphics by Floyd H.

Publisher's Statement :
Ugly American is published whenever the moon is in the right position. Single issues are $3 at any store w/the balls to carry it and $4 thru the mail. Any fucker sending less than the appropriate amount will be killed. No trades, 'cept for sicko porno publications. Send SASE for ad rates. Subscriptions aren't available, so dream on. All unsolicited submissions (poetry, art, etc.) get flushed. Remember this when you send stuff for review: WE DIDN'T ASK FOR IT! No guarantees, pops. Once again, it's your funeral...
CONTENTS [76pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)
Young Gods/Black Rain/Rights Of The Accused, March 31 1990, Pyramid Club, NYC (Ed Sullivan)
Loop/Bewitched, April 1991, Maxwwell's, Hoboken NJ, (Ed Sullivan)
Cop Shoot Cop/Of Cabbages And Kings/King Carcass/Springhouse, April 1990, CBGBs, NYC (Ed Sullivan)
Morbid Angel/Ripping Corpse/Biohazard, May 27 1990, Club Bene, South Amboy NJ (Greg Chapman)
Psychic TV/Celebrity Skin, June 21 1990, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Greg Chapman)
Dime Bag/The Wussies/The Suspects, July 1990, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ (Greg Chapman)
Taang! Records Night, July 1990, The Marquee, NYC (Greg Chapman)
Bewitched/Miracle Room, July 1990, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (Greg Chapman)
Lisa Suckdog & Jean Louis-Costes Rollerderby Opera, October 1990, Khyber Pass, Philadelphia PA (Ed Sullivan)
Foetus/Unsane, November 1990, CBGBs, NYC (Ed Sullivan)
Dwarves/Blue, November 1990, Firenze Tavern, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
Circle X, March 1991, Killtime, Philadelphia PA (Ed Sullivan)
Napalm Death/Godflesh/Nocturnus, May 1991, G'Willikers, Pennsauken NJ (Greg Chapman)
Lisa Suckdog/God Is My Co-pilot/Les Batteries, April 1991, Knitting Factory, NYC (Ed Sullivan)
Butthole Surfers/Bad Livers, April 1991, Fastlane, Asbury Park NJ (Greg Chapman)

Upside Down Cross
Morbid Angel
Monster Magnet
Pain Teens

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
Afghan Whigs -- Up In It, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Ass Ponys -- Mr. Superlove, Rough Trade (Ed Sullivan)
Babes In Toyland -- Spankinq Machine, Twin/Tone, (Ed Sullivan)
Bad Religion -- No Control, Epitaph (Freddy the Bastard)
Bewitched -- Brain Eraser, No. 6 (Ed Sullivan)
Bomb -- Happy All The Time, Boner (Ed Sullivan)
Bongwater -- Too Much Sleep, Shimmy Disc (Tim Cronin)
The Boredoms -- Soul Discharge, Shimmy Disc (Tod Ashley)
Butthole Surfers -- Piouhgd Rough Trade (Steven Cerio)
Caroliner Rainbow Stewed Angel Skins -- 1'm Armed With Qts Of Blood, Subterranean (Greg Chapman)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds -- The Good Sun, Enigma (Bliss Blood)
Costes -- Lung Farts Costes Compact Disc (Lisa Suckdog Carver)
Cows -- Effete And Impudent Snobs, Amphetamine Reptile (Ed Sullivan)
Helios Creed -- Boxing The Clown, Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Crust -- The Sacred Heart Of Crust, Trance (Greg Chapman)
Crystallized Movements -- This Wideness Comes, No. 6 (Ed Sullivan)
Deicide -- self-titled LP, Roadracer (Greg Chapman)
Didjits -- Hornet Pinata, Touch & Go (Lisa Suckdog)
Dustdevils -- Geek Drip, Matador (Greg Chapman)
Dustdevils -- Struggling Electric And Chemical Teen Beat (J. Marlowe)
Dwarves -- Blood, Guts, & Pussy, Sub Pop (Ed Sullivan)
Entombed -- Left Hand Path, Combat/Earache (Greg Chapman)
Foetus Inc. -- Butterfly Potion/Sink 12", Wax Trax (Ed Sullivan)
Fuel -- Fuel, Sixth International (Tim Cronin)
Fugazi -- Repeater, Dischord (J. Marlowe)
F.U.'s -- My America, Classy (Freddy the Bastard)
The Geto Boys -- self-titled LP, Def American (Greg Chapman)
God Bullies -- Dog Show, Amphetamine Reptile (Ed Sullivan)
Godflesh -- Streetcleaner Combat/~arach (Freddy the Bastard)
Hanatarash -- Hanatarash 3, RRRecords (J. Marlowe)
Harry S, Crews -- Naked In Garden Hills, Widowspeak (Lisa Suckdog)
Haywire -- Private Hell New Beginning (Freddy the Bastard)
Ice Cube -- AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, Priority (Ed Sullivan)
Ice Cube -- Kill At Will EP, Priority (Ed Sullivan)
Jesus Lizard -- Goat, Touch & Go (Steven Cerio)
Jesus Lizard -- Head Touch & Go (Tim Cronin)
Killdozer -- For Ladies Only, Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
King Carcass -- Blind, No. 6 (Greg Chapman)
Laughing Hyenas -- Life Of Crime, Touch & Go (Tod Ashley)
L7 -- Smell The Magic, Sub Pop (J. Marlowe)
Legendary Pink Dots -- Crushed Velvet Apocalypse, Wax Trax (Lisa Suckdog)
Lubricated Goat -- Psychedelicatessen, Amphetamine Reptile (Greg Chapman)
Misfits -- If You Don't Know The Name Of This Song..., boot LP (Freddy the Bastard)
Misfits -- Eyes To Despise, boot double LP (Freddy the Bastard)
Morbid Angel -- Altars Of Madness, Combatt/Earache (Greg Chapman)
Napalm Death -- Mentally Murdered 12", Earache (Freddy the Bastard)
NWA -- 100 Miles And Runnin', Priority (Greg Chapman)
Rapscallion -- Gardens Of Machinery, Red Decibel (Lisa Suckdog)
Revolting Cocks -- Beers, Steers & Queers, Wax Trax (Lisa Suckdog)
Ripping Corpse -- Dreaming With The Dead, Kraze (Greg Chapman)
Sauter/Deitrich/Moore -- Barefoot In The Head, Forced Exposure (Ed Chapman)
Sebadoh -- Weed Forestin, Homestead (J. Marlowe)
Skullflower -- Ruins, CD (Ed Sullivan)
Soda Can -- Powertool, Forefront (J. Marlowe)
Spacemen 3 -- Dreamweapon, ? (Greg Chapman)
Suckdog -- Little Flowers Dying, Skdg (Greg Chapman)
Surgery -- Nationwide, Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Tad -- Salt Lick, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Terminal Cheesecake -- Angels In Pigtails, Pathological (Bliss Blood)
Urge Overkill -- Americruiser, Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Beyond The Wildwood, Communion (Lisa Suckdog)
V/A -- Monster A Go Go Vol. 1, Planet X (Tim Cronin)
V/A -- Big Lizard Stomp Vol. 2, Planet X (Tim Cronin)
Wig -- Lying Next To You, Nocturnal (Tim Cronin)
Zeni Geva -- Maximum Money Monster CD, Pathological (Bliss Blood)
Abu Nidal -- Triggerman, Noiseville (Greg Chapman)
Antiseen -- "Two Headed Dog"/"'Cause I Love YOU", Ajax (Greg Chapman)
Belt -- ?, (Greg Chapman)
Black Indian -- Motorcycle Woman, War Party (Ed Sullivan)
Blue -- "Angels On Hogs"/ "Evil Snake", Roadmouth (Greg Chapman)
Bullets For Pussy/Theatre Of Ice -- Rock Star Autopsy, Orphanage (Greg Chapman)
Bullets For Pussy -- Penetration Boulevard, Noiseville (Ed Sullivan)
Coil -- "Wrong Eye"/"Scope", Shock (Greg Chapman)
Joe Colon/Condemk -- split 7", ERL (Greg Chapman)
Die Kruezen -- "Pink Flag"/"Land Of Treason" Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Drunks With Guns -- Drug Problem, Noiseville (Ed Sullivan)
Drunks With Guns -- Drug Problem, Noiseville (J. Marlowe)
Dwarves -- "she's Dead"/"Fuckhead", Subpop (Freddy the Bastard)
Earthpig -- "Sweet Chocolate Brown"/"King Of Prussia", Sol (Tim Cronin)
Halo Of Flies -- Silt Breeze 7", Silt Breeze (Greg Chapman)
Halo Of Flies -- Winged, Forced Exposure (Greg Chapman)
Helmet -- "Born Annoying"/"Rumble", Amphetamine Reptile (Ed Sullivan)
Inside Out -- Above All, Noiseville (Freddy the Bastard)
Kray Cherubs -- "Teen Camel"/"I Hate My Job", Forced Exposure (J. Marlowe)
Laughing Hyenas -- "Here We Go Again"/"Candy", Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Lovechild -- EP, Trash Flow (J. Marlowe)
Lubricated Goat -- "Meating My Head"/ "20th Century Rake", Subpop (Ed Sullivan)
Monster Magnet -- "Lizard Johnny"/"Freakshop USA", Circuit (Ed Sullivan)
Of Cabbages & Kings -- "The Reign"/"Blindness", Triple X (J. Marlowe)
Rancid Vat -- No Loyalties, No Royalties, RL (Greg Chapman)
Red Transistor -- "Not Bite"/"We're Not Crazy", Forced Expo (J. Marlowe)
Rollins Band -- "1,000 Times Blind"/"Crazy Lover", no label (Freddy the Bastard)
Sheer Terror -- Live At CBGB'S, Blackout (Freddy theh Bastard)
Slapshot -- Firewalker"/"Chip On My Shoulder", Taang! (J. Marlowe)
Slapshot -- "Moment Of Truth", Taang! (J. Marlowe)
Unsane -- "Concrete Bed"/ "El Mundo", Glitterhouse (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Life's Tough For The Stupid, Rave (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Love & Napalm, Trance (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Scumbait Volume 3, Treehouse (J. Marlowe)
V/A -- The Iceman Cometh, Nemesis (Freddy the Bastard)
White Pride -- EP, Orphanage (Greg Chapman)
Wonderama -- Everyday Should Be My Birthday, Ajax (Greg Chapman)

"Love Child" by Lisa Suckdog

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)
Cop Shoot Cop, live CBGBs (Rob B.)
Lisa Suckdog and Jean Louis Costes, live (Rob B.)
Jim Foetus, live CBGBs (Rob B.)
Upside Down Cross pre-show, Larry Lifeless, NYC (Rob B.)
Upside Down Cross during interview, Larry Lifeless & Cheezly, NYC (Rob B.)
Upside Down Cross during interview, Larry Lifeless & Cheezly, NYC (Rob B.)
Upside Down Cross during interview, Cheezly, NYC (Rob B.)
Upside Down Cross during interview, Cheezly interviews a stranger, NYC (Rob B.)
Upside Down Cross show, Marquee soundboard covered with mealworms, NYC (Rob B.)
Upside Down Cross show, Marquee soundguy sweeping worms off soundboard, NYC (Rob B.)
Morbid Angel, provided by band
Monster Magnet, provided by band
Bliss Blood from the Pain Teens, provided by band
Love Child, provided by band

Art :
Cover, Floyd H.
Monster Magnet interview lead, unknown

Ads :
Skullflower, Form Destroyer EP
Trance Records design thing, I think
No. 6 Records, "Ornament" single
Rave Records various releases, Philadelphia PA
No. 6 Records, "Beme Seed" album
Circuit Records, "Cop Shoot Cop"

Notes :
None yet.

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