ISSUE #6 - 1990

Dime Bag, The Wussies, The Suspects
July, Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ
    Played a bowling video game during the Suspects' set, as did most of the few in attendance. The group of us, consisting of members of Dime Bag and Monster Magnet, were all on downers so things were just about as exciting as Seconals and Valiums will let things get. Around the time the Wussies got on I decided to budge. By the time I got to the stage area, they were packing up. From the looks of 'em, the term "wussies" seemed to fit perfectly...
   Dime Bag took the stage with the lead two, John and Paul, in a stupor. But that didn't stop 'em one bit, in fact, it helped, When they launched into a moving lil' number called "Crack Torch" it began to sink into my head that they had a loco sound. It lurched a lot in the way Drunks With Guns lurched with a catchy riff that clung onto you with an evil synergy. John said "Drunk with who?" when I mentioned the connection, knowing nothing of the band and probably thinking I was offering him a chance to knock back a bottle or two with some pals. Whatever Dime Bag do, it gets into a distinct vibe, of the druggin' biker folk sort, that blends a punk "fuck you" attitude, a metal "satan rules" stance, a psych-rock "in our own world, making our own rules as we go along" introversion, all warped together by John's demented vision and Paul's weed. Or vice versa. Bands are a dime a dozen (no pun, swifty) but this one has plenty o' potential. Yeah, not just a potential to go nowhere and self-destruct, but to do something great while self-destructing. Catch 'em while you can..
   -Greg Chapman

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