ISSUE #6 - 1990

Dwarves, Blue
November, Firenze Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
    Blue were short-haired wiseasses that played hop on yr Harley with beer clicking the circuits in yr head music, I was expecting hairheads with bongs fer dicks, but they looked sorta like me. Blue raged for the most part, and you'll not find very many bands from this town that evokes praise. One of 'em tried to look at me all mean-like, too.
   The Dwarves did the best punk rock show I've ever seen. Sure, rumor has it they did the same set almost everywhere, but they did it with style. Violence, sexism, Satanism, and snot all churned out in a blur. It was 20 minutes filled with more punk than most bands muster in their career. I beat 'em at their own game, tho. I stole a "Fuck You Up And Get High" t-shirt when they weren't looking. Har.
   -Greg Chapman

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