Ugly American #5

UA Issue #5 cover Released : 1990

Tagline : "The Hate Ogre of The Underground"

Masthead :
Greg Chapman, Editor
Ed Sullivan, asst. Editor

Staff Members:
Tim Cronin
J. Marlowe
Lisa Suckdog Carver
Rob B.

Publisher's Statement :
The Ugly American is published whenever. You can hope for three a year, but we make no promises, homeboy. It costs $3.00 to get this through the mail, nothing less. If you send a dollar, we'll just tear less than a bucks' worth off (to cover postage) and mail it to you. If you want the piece you didn't get, just provide the difference, punk. Zine trading isn't encouraged, unless it's for some form of sick, twisted pornography. Ad rates are available upon request, so check your bank account before inquiring. Unsolicited reviews will get you nowhere. Send anything for review (records, tapes, videos, etc.) at your own risk. Remember, it's your funeral...

CONTENTS [78pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)
Nice Strong Arm/Fish and Roses/Owt/Iconoclast/King Kong, Sep 9 1989, CBGBs, NYC NY (Ed Sullivan)
The Cure, September 23 1989, unknown venue, somewhere in Mass. (Lisa Suckdog)
Cows/Surgery/Action Swingers/Helmet/Monster Man, Oct 7 1989, CBGBs, NYC NY (Ed Sullivan)
Flaming Lips/Destroy All Bands/Steelpole Bathtub, Oct.8 1989, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Greg Chapman)
Rollins Band/Bush Babies/Ween, Oct 11 1989, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Greg Chapman)
Lubricated Goat/Naked Twister/House of Large Sizes, Oct 14 1989, Khyber Pass, Phila PA (Greg Chapman)
Butthole Surfers/Band of Susans/Original Sins/Sea Monster, Oct 26 1989, The World, NYC NY (Ed Sullivan)
Butthole Surfers, Oct 27 1989, The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY (Greg Chapman)
True Beat featuring members of Psychic TV, Oct 30 1989, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (Ed Sullivan)
Four Way Cross/Dustdevils/Fire In The Kitchen/Suckdog & Costes, Nov 2 1989, Club Noid at CBGBs,
        NYC NY (Greg Chapman)
King Snake Roost/Black Spot/Dustdevils, Nov 14, 1989, Pyramid Club, NYC NY (Ed Sullivan)
Flour/The Jesus Lizard, Nov ? 1989, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (Greg Chapman)
Urge Overkill/Beme Seed, Nov 24, 1989, Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ (Tim Cronin)
Cop Shoot Cop/Beme Seed/Railroad Jerk, Nov 25 1989, CBGBs, NYC NY (Greg Chapman)
Ditch Witch/Monster Magnet/Hell Sausage, Dec 15 1989, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ (Greg Chapman)
Creeping Pumpkins/Straight Satans, Dec 22 1989, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ (Greg Chapman)
Cop Shoot Cop/God Bullies/Borbetomagus/Monster Magnet, Jan 6 1989, CBGBs, NYC NY (Ed Sullivan)
Beme Seed/King Carcass, Jan 20 1990, Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ (Greg Chapman)
Galaxie 500, Jan 17 1990, Night Stage, Cambridge MA (Lisa Suckdog)
Killdozer/Boss Hogg/Helmet/Unsane, Jan 27 1990, CBGBs, NYC NY (Ed Sullivan)
H.P. Zinker/Dustdevils/Drunk Tank/Love Child, Feb 14 1990, CBGBs, NYC NY (Greg Chapman)

Cop Shoot Cop
Dust Devils
Peach of Immortality
Lubricated Goat

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
Arsenal -- Factory Smog Is A Sign Of Progress, Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Arson Garden - Under Towers, Comm 3 (Greg Chapman)
Bastards -- Monticello, Treehouse (Lisa Suckdog)
Beme Seed -- LP, Blast First! (Greg Chapman)
Big Boys -- Wreck Collection, Unseen Hand (Tim Cronin)
Bitch Magnet -- Umber, Communion (J. Marlowe)
Boy Dirt Car -- Live Without A Body: Live 1983-1987, RRR (J. Marlowe)
Boss Hogg -- Drinkin', Lechin' and Lyin' EP, Amphetamine Reptile (Ed Sullivan)
Bulimia Banquet -- Party In My Colon, Flipside (Greg Chapman)
Butthole Surfers -- Widowermaker!, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Caresse & Sickmob -- R.U. Xperienced, Temple Records (Greg Chapman)
Cop Shoot Cop -- Headkick Facsimile, Supernatural Organization (Ed Sullivan)
Cop Shoot Cop -- Consumer Revolt, Subvert Entertainment (Greg Chapman)
Emilio Cubeiro -- Death Of An Asshole, Widowspeak (Ed Sullivan)
D.O.C. -- Nobody Does It Better, Priority/Ruthless (Greg Chapman)
Einsturzende Neubauten -- Haus Der Luege, ? (Ed Sullivan)
Galaxie 500 -- On Fire, Rough Trade (Lisa Suckdog)
Giant Sand -- Long Stem Rant, Homestead (Tim Cronin)
Giddy Up Einstein -- E=Mc2 + Guitar, Reptile (Ed Sullivan)
Halo Of Flies -- Singles Goinq Nowhere, Glitterhouse/Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Horney Genius -- Burn Your Sister, Comm 3 (Greg Chapman)
Ice-T -- Freedom Of Speech ...Just Watch What You Say, Sire (Ed Sullivan)
Jean-Paul Sartre Experience -- The Size Of Food, Communion (?)
Killdozer -- 12 Point Buck, Touch & Go, (Tim Cronin)
The Lee Harvey Oswald Band -- EP, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Loop -- A Gilded Eternity, Chapter 22 (Greg Chapman)
Lubricated Goat -- Paddock Of Love, Amphetamine Reptile (Ed Sullivan)
Ministry -- The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, Sire (J. Marlowe)
Miracle Workers-- Primary Domain, Glitterhouse (Tim Cronin)
Mudhoney -- LP, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Nice Strong Arm -- Cloud Machine, Homestead (Ed Sullivan)
OWT -- Good As Gold, Homestead (J. Marlowe)
Pooh Sticks -- Orqasm, 53rd & 3rd (Greg Chapman)
Poster Children -- Flower Plower, Limited Potential (J. Marlowe)
Sebadoh -- The Freed Man, Homestead (J. Marlowe)
7 Seconds -- Ourselves, who cares (Freddy The Bastard)
Skullflower -- Skullflower, Broken Flag ? (Tim Cronin)
Skullflower -- Form Destroyer, Broken Flag (Greg Chapman)
Soulside -- Hot Bodi-Gram, Dischord (J. Marlowe)
Stone By Stone W/ Chris D -- I Pass For Human, SST (Ed Sullivan)
Telescopes -- Taste, What Goes On (Tim Cronin)
Two Live Crew -- As Nasty As They Wanna Be, Luke Skyywalker (Greg Chapman)
Warzone -- Warzone, Caroline (Greg Chapman)
White Zombie -- God Of Thunder EP, Caroline (Tim Cronin)
Yes No Maybe -- Yes No Maybe, Reptile (Ed Sullivan)
Dirge -- Soulstorm, Anthrax (Greg Chapman)
Sonic Boom -- Angel EP, Silvertone (Greg Chapman)
Above The Law -- "Murder Rap/"Another Execution", Priority (Greg Chapman)
Action Swingers-- "Bum My Trip"/"Kicked In The Head", Noiseville (Tim Cronin)
Asocial -- Religion Sucks, Dissonance (Freddy The Bastard)
Bible Stud -- "Cried"/"Tit For Tat", Bible Stud Records (Tim Cronin)
Big Chief -- "Brake Torque"/"Super Stupid", Big Cheif/Big Kiss (Tim Cronin)
Bloody Mess & The Skabs -- self-titled EP, Mephisto (Lisa Suckdog)
Bootbeast -- Carnival, Noiseville (Greg Chapman)
Buffalo Tom -- "Sunflower suite"/"Blue", Megadisc (Tim Cronin)
Butthole Surfers -- Peel Sessions, ? (Greg Chapman)
Butthole Surfers -- Soiled, no-label bootleg (Greg Chapman)
Cop Shoot Cop -- Piece Man, Vertical (J. Marlowe)
Daddy Hate Box -- "You Tell Me Nothing"/"Close As Death" C/z (Tim Cronin)
Dinosaur, Jr -- Peel Sessions, Joker Records (Tim Cronin)
Drunk Tank -- "Leadfoot"/"Scissors", Radial (Ed Sullivan)
Drunk Tank -- "Hayride"/ "Mary Worth", Radial (?)
Dustdevils -- Is Big Leggy, Teen Beat (J. Marlowe)
Expando Brain -- Prouder Than Chowder, Vacant Lot (Greg Chapman)
Fugazi -- 3 Songs, Sub Pop or Dischord (Tim Cronin)
the Jesus Lizard -- "Chrome"/"7 vs. 8" Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Killdozer -- "Her Mothers Sorrow"/"Short Eyes" Amph. Rep. (Tim Cronin)
Mudhoney -- Peel Sessions, Joker Records (Tim Cronin)
Public Enemy -- "Welcome To The Terror Dome", Def Jam (Tim Cronin)
Purple Geezus -- "True Love"/ "Somebody Died" & "Malibu Too", ? (Greg Chapman)
Rapeman -- "Binki's Butt Crack"/"Song Number One", Sub Pop (Greg Chapman)
Royal Trux -- "Hero zero"/ "Love Is", Drag City (Tim Cronin)
Sister Ray -- "Psycho Sis"/"Bathroom Blues", Ajax (Greg Chapman)
Spacemen 3 -- "Transparent Radiation"/ "Honey", Forced Exposure (Greg Chapman)
Spacemen 3 -- Extract From An Evening Of Contemporary Sitar Music, ? (Greg Chapman)
Tad -- "Loser"/"Cooking With Gas" Sub Pop (Greg Chapman)
Treepeople -- "Important Things"/+2, Silence (Tim Cronin)
Unsane NYC-- "This Town"/"Urge To Kill Treehouse (J. Marlowe)
VIA -- Chemical Imbalance, giveaway (J. Marlowe)
VIA -- Dope, Guns, And Fucking In The Streets Vol. 4, Amph Rep (Tim Cronin)
VIA -- Scumbait Vol.1, Treehouse (Tim Cronin)
WAX -- "Inn Town"/"Pumpkin", Leapord Gecko (Tim Cronin)
Big Nurse -- Big Nurse, Sploge Records (Greg Chapman)
The Bleak Twins -- ?,? (Greg Chapman)
Bloodshack -- ?,? (Greg Chapman)
Coz The Shroom -- Solid Mud Love God, ? (Greg Chapman)
Deathtrip -- Live, ? (Greg Chapman)
King Carcass -- ?, ? (Greg Chapman)
Reed Linkletter, Jr -- Terminal Lunch, Cool Beans (Greg Chapman)
Mental Anguish -- Strategies, Prion Tapes (Ed Sullivan)
The Rex Havoc Army -- Picture This, ? (Greg Chapman)
Serrated -- ?, ? (Lisa Suckdog)
Trouser Trout -- Homespun Fishlips, Mama (J. Marlowe)
V/A -- If You Can't Sin, Let's Make A Deal!, Enoch (J. Marlowe)

Faith Dealers -- Big Busty Babes, Limited Potential (Greg Chapman)
Suckdog -- Live In Atlanta, Live In The Backwoods, Live In The Bedroom (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Impact Video Magazine (Greg Chapman)

Pre-Tour Reviews : Lisa Suckdog, Jean Louis-Costes, and Debbey Freedom Puff rate some records

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)
The Cows, CBGBs. (Rob B)
Costes and Lisa Suckdog, probably CBGBs. (Rob B)
Dustdevils, Jacqui, live CBGBs. (Rob B)
Cop Shoot Cop, flyer on wall, during interview, Brooklyn. (Rob B)
Cop Shoot Cop, Jim sampling 666 during interview, Brooklyn. (Rob B)
Cop Shoot Cop, Phil during interview, Brooklyn. (Rob B)
Cop Shoot Cop, Jim, Natz (mid-belch) and Tod during interview, Brooklyn. (Rob B)
Cop Shoot Cop, band and UA crew during interview, Brooklyn. (Rob B)
Dustdevils, Live CBGBs. (Rob B)
Dustdevil and Lisa Suckdog, CBGBs. (Rob B)
Dustdevils, Live CBGBs. (Rob B)
Peach Of Immortality. (photo provided by POI)
Butthole Surfers with lasers, probably at Lyric NY NY. (Rob B)
OWT live, CBGBs. (Rob B)
Lisa Suckdog. (Rob B)

Art :
Cover, Steven Cerio.
Lubricated Goat, provided by band.
Rear Cover, hanging, (?).

Ads :
File 13 fanzine ad, Mark Lo.
Psychic TV / Temple ov Psychic Youth live show, books, miscellaneous ad

Notes :
None yet.

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