ISSUE #5 - 1990

Four Way Cross, Dustdevils, Fire In The Kitchen, Suckog & Costes
November 2, Club Noid 'at CBGB, NYC
    Lot 's of people showed up to see Suckdog get naked and none went home disappointed. Costes also took it off, but he it did way in the beginning of the show and Debbey Puff was just "there". Anyway, the real idea behind the evening wasn't a peep-show, but a play. An opera, to be more exact, called "Lost Kittens". Full of sex, violence, and death, this thing was a whirlwind of activity. Costes was shaking his weinie and chasing the kittens (Lisa & Debbey) around the stage. They screamed and punched and kicked at Costes, and so on and so forth. I just sat back and took it all in, enjoying the insane performance like I've enjoyed no other. After seeing this, I realized that there is no real reason to go shows anymore.
    Missed Fire In The Kitchen... I'm real heartbroken, too.
    The Dustdevils stormed the stage like real troopers. They plastered the crowd with grimly-fiendish guitar waves that fell over the place in blankets. The frothy grog of the sound struck me down with it's nocturnal-gripped deathness. Better than Sonic Youth in my book, but let's not even bring them into this. The new drummer showed his worthiness, I might add, making this set a real fine thing ...
    Took one look at Four Way Cross and bolted.
   -Greg Chapman

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