ISSUE #5 - 1990

Butthole Surfers, Band Of Susans, Original Sins, Sea Monster
October 26, The World, NYC
    A very ugly night on the town for the U.A. crew. Dig;
    1. The World comes in at a close, second to the Ritz and the crowd consisted mostly of CMJ college fodder.
    2. Spacemen 3 were supposed to play, couldn't get in the goddamn country, and cancelled.
    3. So did A.O.D., but that's a plus.
    4. Sea Monster is New York's answer to the False Prophets.
    5. The Original Sins were the only band that burned hot titty that evening with their speaial brand of raving garage punk the way it's supposed to be done, which is a high recommendation, since I find most raving garage punk yawn-inducing. A guy turned to me during their set and asked, "Is this the Butthole surfers?" Why hasn't everybody heard of the Original Sins?
    6. In a big surprise move, Band Of Susans drowned in a sea of their own shit. None of the scrotum-tightening grandeur/ guitar sprawl was in evidence. Instead they sounded like a straight (and boring) rock band. Needless to say, the crowd ate them up.
    7. The Butthole Surfers did their thing, but by that time I wasn't in the mood.
    8. Meanwhile, the local police were beating the shit out of squatters a few blocks away.
   -Ed Sullivan

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