Ugly American #4

UA Issue #4 cover Released : 1989

Tagline : "The Apex of Pointless Hero Worship"

Masthead :
Editor-In-Chief: Greg Chapman
Second-In-Command: Ed Sullivan

Staff Members:
Tim Cronin
J. Marlowe
Lisa Suckdog
Rob B.

Contributers :
Keith Cannon

Publisher's Statement :
The Ugly American is published whenever we get around to it.
maybe twice a year, three if you're lucky. Ad rates are available
upon request. Unsolicited contributions aren't wanted, so don't
even think about it. Subscriptions are out of the question at
this point, check back in a couple of years...

Thanks To: Heather R. Brewer, Byron Coley, Floyd Hardwick, John Newberry, Tad Doyle, King Carcass, The Suckdog Crew, Barry & John/Stripminers, My Bloody Valentine, Dwarves, Factsheet Five, Tim Hinely, Scott Munroe, Mark Lo, Albert Garzon, ERL Records, Cool Beans Record & Filmworks, Skull Facts, Ear Of Corn, Chaos Records, Philadelphia Record Exchange, Freddy the Bastard...

CONTENTS [72pp] :

The Theory of Total Blame, June 2 1989, Rapp Arts Center, NYC NY
My Bloody Valentine/The Ocean Blue, June 5 1989, TLA, Philadelphia PA
Exodus/Sick of It All/Faith or Fear, June 9 1989, City Gardens, Trenton NJ
Volcano Suns/Urge Overkill, June 16 1989, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ
Screaming Trees/Lonely Moans, no date, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ
Eazy-E/N.W.A./Public Enemy/Kid N Play/Three Times Dope/JJ Fad/Too Short/Queenie the Boy Genius/
        M.C. Twist/The D.O.C., June 25 1989, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
Tar/Dust Devils, June 10 1989, CBGBs Record Canteen, NYC NY
White Zombie/Prong/Pappy, June 1989, Pyramid Club, NYC NY
The Clean/Chris Knox, June 1989, CBGBs, NYC NY
Gibson Bros./Workdogs, June 2 1989, Maxwell's, Temple Creek FL
Laughing Hyenas/Swamp Zombies, 1989, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ
Gwar/Serial Killers/Tad, July 6 1989, The Revival, Philadelphia PA
Grateful Dead, July 7 1989, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia PA
Tad/Nirvana, July 13 1989, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ
Sonic Youth/Mudhoney/Laughing Hyenas, July 14 1989, The Ritz, NYC NY
Rhys Chatham/Fish and Roses/Death of Samantha/Giant Sand/Happy Flowers/The Frogs,
        July 16 1989, CBGBs, NYC NY
Swans/Lou Barlow/Antietam, July 2 1989, CBGBs, NYC NY
Diamanda Galas, July 25 1989, Alice Tully Hall, NYC NY
Killing Joke/Scrooge/Holy Rollers, July 28 1989, City Gardens, Trenton NJ
The Crystallized Movements, August 26 1989, CBGBs Record Canteen, NYC NY

King Carcass
Lisa Suckdog (Lisa Carver)
My Bloody Valentine

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
Arsenal -- Manipulator EP, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Band of Susans -- Love Agenda, Blast First (J. Marlowe)
Bailter Space -- Tanker, Flying Nun (Tim Cronin)
B.A.L.L. -- Trouble Doll, Shimmy Disc (Tim Cronin)
Beastie Boys -- Paul's Boutique, Capitol (Lisa Suckdog)
Beasts of Bourbon -- Sour Mash, Red Eye (Tim Cronin)
Borbetomagus -- Seven Reasons For Tear, Purge (Tim Cronin)
Butthole Surfers -- Double Live, Latino Bugger Veil (Greg Chapman)
The Clean -- Compilation, Homestead (J. Marlowe)
Controlled Bleeding -- Notes From The Grinding Wall, Wax Trax (J. Marlowe)
Cows -- Daddy Has a Tail, Amphetamine Reptile (Ed Sullivan)
Crazy Head -- Desert Orchid, Parlophone (Ed Sullivan)
Crowbar Salvation -- Kiss The Brain, Sympathy (Greg Chapman)
Cult -- Sonic Temple, Fucken Sire (Greg Chapman)
De La Soul -- 3 Feet High And Rising, Tommy Boy (Greg Chapman)
Dwarves -- Toolin' For A Warm Teabag, Nasty Gash (Greg Chapman)
Fish And Roses -- We Are Happy To Serve You, Homestead (Ed Sullivan)
Flour -- Flour, Touch & Go (J. Marlowe)
The Fluid -- Road Mouth, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
The Frogs -- It's Only Right And Natural, Homestead (Lisa Suckdog)
The Frogs -- It's Only Right And Natural, Homestead (Ed Sullivan)
Diamanda Galas -- The Litanies of Satan, Mute/Restless (Ed Sullivan)
God Bullies -- Mommawombwomb, Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Honor Role -- Rictus, Homestead (Ed Sullivan)
The Jesus Lizard -- Pure, Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
Tuli Kupferberg -- Tuli and Friends, Shimmy Disc (Ed Sullivan)
Lard -- The Power of Lard, Alternative Tentacles (Greg Chapman)
Laughing Hyenas -- You Can't Pray A Lie, Touch & Go (Tim Cronin)
Lazy Cowgirls -- Radio Cowgirl, Sympathy (Tim Cronin)
LL Cool J -- Walking With A Panther, Def Jam (Greg Chapman)
Mission of Burma -- Forget, Taang! (J. Marlowe)
Mofungo -- Work, SST (Ed Sullivan)
Mudhoney/Sonic Youth -- Halloween/Touch Me, Sub Pop (Ed Sullivan)
Robert Musso -- Absolute Music, Mu Records (Greg Chapman)
Naked Raygun -- Understand?, Carolina (J. Marlowe)
N.W.A -- Express Yourself 12", Ruthless/Priority (Ed Sullivan)
Obituary -- Slowly We Rot, Road Racer (Greg Chapman)
Old Skull -- Get Outta School, Enigma (Ed Sullivan)
Pere Ubu -- Cloudland, Fontana (Greg Chapman)
Phantom 309 -- A Sinister Alphabet, Tupelo (Tim Cronin)
Pixies -- Doolittle, 4AD (Greg Chapman)
Prong -- 3, Pigot (J. Marlowe)
Pussy Galore -- Dial M For Motherfucker, Caroline (Tim Cronin)
Stan Ridgway -- Mosquitos, Geffen (Greg Chapman)
Sepultura -- Beneath The Remains, Roadracer (Greg Chapman)
Slint -- Tweez, Jennefer Hartman Records (J. Marlowe)
Soundgarden -- Flower 12", SST (Ed Sullivan)
Spaceman 3 -- Hypnotized mini-cd, Fire (Greg Chapman)
Stripminers -- Stripminers, Comm 3 (Greg Chapman)
Suckdog -- Drugs Are Nice, Suckdog (Greg Chapman)
Swans -- The Burning World, Uni (J. Marlowe)
Tar Babies -- Honey Bubble, Shimmy Disc (Ed Sullivan)
Thee Headcoats -- Headcoats Down, Hangman Records and Books (Tim Cronin)
Thee Hypnotics -- Justice In Freedom 12", Beggar's Banquet, (Ed Sullivan)
Tragic Mulatto -- Hot Man Pussy, Alternative Tentacles (Greg Chapman)
Urge Overkill -- Jesus Urge Superstar, Touch & Go (Tim Cronin)
Various Artists -- Beautiful Happiness, Sounds/Shigak (J. Marlowe)
Various Artists -- Bruitiste, RRR (?)
Various Artists -- Lyrics By Ernest Noyes Brookings, Shimmy Disc (Ed Sullivan)
Young Gods -- L'Amourir 12", Wax Trax (Ed Sullivan)
Butthole Surfers -- Double Live, Latino Bugger Veil (Tim Cronin)
Cows -- Daddy Has A Tail, Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Die Kreuzen -- Gone Away EP, Touch & Go (Tim Cronin)
I.A.O. -- Jammin' In The Parabolic Mirror Of The Lord, Interfisch (Tim Cronin)
Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair -- self-titled, 50 Skidillion (Tim Cronin)
Bob Mould -- Work Book, Warner Bozos (Tim Cronin)
Nirvana -- Bleach, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Pop Will Eat Itself -- This Is This, RCA (Ed Sullivan)
Killing Joke -- The Courtyard Talks, Invisible (Greg Chapman)
Madonna -- Like A Prayer, Fuckin' Sire (Greg Chapman)
Rudimentary Peni -- Cacophony, Outer Himalayan (Tim Cronin)
Rudimentary Peni -- Live 7", no label bootleg (Tim Cronin)
Arcane Device 3 -- Feedback Music, RRRecords (Tim Cronin)
Bastards -- Neighbor/Motor City Kid, Treehouse (J. Marlowe)
Bastro -- Shoot Me A Deer/Goiter Blazes, Homestead (J. Marlowe)
Beasts Of Bourbon -- Hard Work Drivin' Man / Elvis Imp. Blues/I Love You Because, Red Eye (Tim Cronin)
Big Black -- The Peel Sessions, King Dick (Greg Chapman)
Bored -- Little Suzie/Heartbreaker, Sympathy/Industry (Tim Cronin)
Das Damen -- Sad Mile/Making Time, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Dead Moon -- Black September, Tombstone (Greg Chapman)
ERL -- Creepin' Mutjetderreh, ERL (Greg Chapman)
Happy Flowers -- BB Gun, Homestead (Tim Cronin)
Killdozer -- Lupus/Nasty, Touch & Go (Tim Cronin)
Killdozer -- For Ladies Only, Touch & Go (Tim Cronin)
King Kong -- Movie Star, ? (J. Marlowe)
King Kong -- Camel's Walk Song/Chicken Shit, ? (J. Marlowe)
Slaughter House -- Perfect Example/Mommies Little Panty Boy, Depression (Greg Chapman)
Snakepit -- Wait/Susanville/Disease, K Records (J. Marlowe)
Surgery -- Not Going Down/Blow Her Face, Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Tad/Pussy Galore -- Damaged I/Damaged II, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Treehouse -- Wild Medication/Hey Everybody, Leopard Gecko (Tim Cronin)
Various Artists -- Dope, Guns, And Fucking In The Streets Vol.3, Amphetamine Reptile (?)
Various Artists -- lowlife giveaway, Lowlife/RRRecords (Greg Chapman)
Various Artists -- Teriyaki Asthma, C/Z Records (Tim Cronin)
White Stains -- The Awareness/My Hallucination, Topyscan .003 (Tim Cronin)
Mikey Wild & The Mess -- I Hate New York/Die Die Die, Cry Baby (Greg Chapman)
Acid Reich -- Mistress Of The Perpetual Harvest, Cool Beans (Greg Chapman)
Costes & Suckdog -- The Hanged, Suckdog (Greg Chapman)
Dead C -- Live Dead C, X-Way (Tim Cronin)
Monster Magnet -- Forget About Life, I'm High On Dope, Cool Beans (Ed Sullivan)
Stripminers -- Divorce Yourself, Comm3 (Greg Chapman)

GG Allin (video) (Greg Chapman)
Survival Research Laboratories, "The Will To Provoke" (Ed Sullivan)

Fiction : "Autum Sunday At The Old Folks Home", by Keith Cannon

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)
Tad, negative-print portrait on the cover photo. (Rob B)
Gwar in concert Philadelphia. (Rob B)
Tad, live. (Rob B)
The Frogs, live at CBGBs. (Rob B)
Rhys Chatham guitar orchestra, entire band. (Rob B)
Rhys Chatham guitar orchestra, several members (mainly hot girl from Band of Susans). (Rob B)
Tad, interview lead (live, wearing Pussy Galore 1989 tour T-shirt). (Rob B)
Tad's bassist Kurt, playing. (Rob B)
Tad live, screaming into microphone. (Rob B)
Tad portrait, basement at Maxwell's. (Rob B)
Suckdog (provided by Lisa C).
Helen Suckpuppy (provided by Lisa C).
Suckdog and Costes live in Paris (provided by Lisa C).
Stripminers (provided by Stripminers).
Diamanda Galas computer image manipulation (done on an Amiga 500. Remember that shit?). (Rob B)
The Frogs live, CBGBs. (Rob B)

Art :
King Carcass Interview Lead/Cassette Cover

Ads :
Cool Beans Record and Filmworks cassette order form, Summer 1989, featuring Monster Magnet,
        Dog of Mystery, Ripping Corpse and others
Pogo On Your Fucking Face Distribution, Magazines/Records/Videos catalog
ERL Records ad, "Creepin Mujetderreh"

Notes :
This was the issue where UA really came together. The writing improved significantly since the previous issue. This was the first issue with any real photography (Rob B joined this issue as photog, chauffeur, and general facilitator), the first issue to break Monster Magnet, and the first issue to not be mostly embarassing.

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