ISSUE #4 - 1989

Spacemen 3 -- Hypnotized mini-CD    Fire
    The first time I buy one of those CD's the size of one of Traci Lords' nipples and the 12" has got to come with a poster. What a maroon... Anyway, another fine hit of ecstacy from the men with the guitar chords that come straight from their stately pleasuredomes, thru their fingers, out the amps, and into our aural-holes like the Phallus Of God. They went from doing songs about drugs, to songs about choosing drugs over girls, to songs about taking drugs with girls. Maybe that's why they've softened the sound of confusion down to the sound of love. Some dopes can't take this, but fuck 'em. Just give me some Spacemen 3, an eye-dropper full of purple haze, and I'm ready to meet death with a smile that could eat up the world like Pac-Man.
   -Greg Chapman

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