ISSUE #4 - 1989

Grateful Dead
July 7 at JFK Stadium, Philly
   Been hearing about how great Dead shows are so I figured I'd check it out for myself. Outside was a virtual flea market with tie-dyes, burritos, beers, and drugs, being the order of the day. Some goobers told me that dudes hold up signs saying "ACID" but I didn't see any of that shit. Finally decided to wander in and find a seat, but hippies had decided to sit anywhere they pleased so I did the same. The Dead looked like ants on the stage, they were so far away. Their music, to put it bluntly, sucks. They could've been playing their skin flutes, cause the crowd was so far gone that they were dancing to their own fucked-up rhythm. Got up and left after a 1/2 hour of sleep. On the way out, some Deadheads were watching my Butthole Surfers t-shirt like it was a television.
   -Greg Chapman

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