Ugly American #3

UA Issue #3 cover Released : 1988

Tagline : "We'll make you embarassed to be alive"

Masthead :
Big Cheese: Greg Chapman
Power Of Suggestion: Ed S.
Man About Town: Tim Cronin
Scholarly Thug: J. Marlowe

A Flaming Rump Ride To: Floydster, Live Skull, Sun city Gurls, GG Allin, The Man From Dagger, WLFRsters, Betty ACC, King Carcass, Byron Coley, Scott Munroe, Factsheet Five, The Raven, Chaos Records, Philly Record Exchange
...with special thanks ta Heather.

Publisher's Statement :
The Ugly American is $2 thru the mail, asshole, not two quarters taped to a piece of paper, not a ball of lint, not your fucking zine, not a goddamned stamp, TWO FUCKING AMERICAN DOLLARS. No subscriptions available, as if you wanted one. This zine is published in accordance with the vernal equinox. Ad rates: $5 quarter page, $10 half page, $20 whole page, $250 and you can have the whole fucking thing. All checks and M.O.s payable to Greg Chapman. Write to us if you dare our wrath...

CONTENTS [38pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)
The Cramps / The Mad Daddies, Jan. 3 1989, The Ritz, NYC NY (Ed Sullivan)
Halo Of Flies, Sometime in January 1989, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (Tim Cronin)
Cows / God Bullies / Babes In Toyland, Feb. 18 1989, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (Tim Cronin)
Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds, Feb. 10 1989, The Ritz, NYC NY (Tim Cronin)
Sylvia Juncosa / Soundgarden / Mudhoney, Mar. 11 1989, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ (Tim Cronin)
Soundgarden, Mar. 10 1989, CBGB's, NYC NY (Tim Cronin)
Mudhoney, Mar. 12 1989, The Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ (Tim Cronin)
Jane's Addiction / Dog Of Mystery, Feb. 1989, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Tim Cronin)
Flaming Lips / Scab Cadillac / King Carcass, Feb. 19 1989, Arch Street Empire, Philadelphia PA (Ed Sullivan)
Laughing Soup Dish / Jon Davies, Apr 1 1989, Stockton State College, Pomona NJ (Ed Sullivan)
Butthole Surfers / Lunachick / Gregory's Funhouse / Angel + The Drunken Gods, Apr 8 1989, The Ritz, NYC NY
        (J. Marlowe)
Butthole Surfers, Apr 8 1989, The Ritz, NYC NY (Greg Chapman)

Live Skull
Sun City Girls

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
A.C. Temple -- Blowtorch, Blast First! (Ed Sullivan)
G.G. Allin + The Texas Nazis -- Boozin' + Pranks, Black + Blue (Greg Chapman)
Adrenalin 0.D. -- Cruisin ' with Elvis In Bigfoot's UFO, BOR (Ed Sullivan)
Big Dipper -- Craps, Homestead (Greg Chapman)
Black Flag -- No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service, bootleg (Greg Chapman)
Black Sabbath -- Headless Cross, IRS (Ed Sullivan)
Bongos, Bass, And Bob -- Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here's..., 50 Skidillion Watts (Ed Sulliavn)
Capt. Beefheart -- Trout Mask Replica CD, Warner Bros. (Tim Cronin)
Celtic Frost -- Cold Lake, Noise (Greg Chapman)
Chain Gang -- L.A. 12", LMA (Ed Sullivan)
Chemical People -- So Sexist!, Cruz (Greg Chapman)
Chills -- Lost EP, Homestead (Greg Chapman)
Christmas -- Ultraprophets Of Thee Psykick Revolution, IRS (Ed Sullivan)
Ciccone Youth -- The Whitey Album, Blast First!/Enigma (Ed Sullivan)
Corrosion Of Conformity -- Six Songs With Mike Singing, Caroline (Greg Chapman)
Dead Milkmen -- Beelzebubba, Enigma (Greg Chapman)
Death Of Samantha -- Where The Women Wear The Glory And The Men Wear The Pants, Homestead
        (Ed Sullivan)
Devils Weilding Scimitars -- Curious Soul, Scared Guy (Greg Chapman)
Eazy-E -- Eazy Duz It, Ruthless (Greg Chapman)
The Fall -- I Am Kurious Oranj, Beggars Banquet (Ed Sullivan)
15 -- 15 Ep, Invisible (Tim Cronin)
Flaming Lips -- Telepathic Surgery, Restless (Ed Sullivan)
Foetus Interruptus -- Thaw, Self Immolation/Some Bizarre (Ed Sullivan)
Foetus Corruptus -- Rife, Rif? Ed Sullivan
Fugazi -- Fugazi EP, Dischord (Tim Cronin)
Gang Green -- I81B4U, Roadrunner (Ed Sullivan)
Gargoyle -- Gargoyle, New Renaissance (Greg Chapman)
Gaye Bikers On Acid -- stewed To The Gills, Caroline (Greg Chapman)
Giant Sand -- The Love Songs, Homestead (Greg Chapman)
Glass Eye -- Christine, Restless (Greg Chapman)
Government Issue -- strange Wine EP, Giant (Ed Sullivan)
Gregory's Funhouse -- Obey, Big Chief (Greg Chapman)
Half Japanese -- Charmed Life, 50,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts (Greg Chapman)
Hypnolovewheel -- Turn Turn Burn, Fabian Aural Products (Tim Cronin)
K-9 Posse -- K-9 Posse, Arista (Ed Sullivan)
Lime Spiders -- Headcleaner, Caroline (Tim Cronin)
Live Skull -- Positraction, Caroline (Ed Sullivan)
Loop -- Fade Out, Rough Trade (Greg Chapman)
Lydia Lunch & Clint Ruin -- Stinkfist, Windowspeak (Greg Chapman)
Marillion -- The Thieving Magpie, EMI (Greg Chapman)
Masters Of Reality -- Masters Of Reality, Def American (Greg Chapman)
Me 900 Ft Jesus With DJ Zero -- Ep, Gonga (Greg Chapman)
Meatman -- We're The Meatmen And You Still Suck, Caroline (Greg Chapman)
Mentors -- Sex, Drugs, And Rock N Roll, Medusa (Greg Chapman)
Mother Love Bone -- Shine, Stardog (Ed Sullivan)
Murphy's Law -- Back With A Bong, Profile (Ed Sullivan)
My Bloody Valentine -- Isn't Anything, Creation (Tim Cronin)
My Dad Is Dead -- The Best Defense, Homestead (Ed Sullivan)
N.W.A. -- straight Outta Compton, Ruthless (Ed Sullivan)
Pandoras -- Rock Hard, Restless (Greg Chapman)
P. Children -- P. Ch 3, Vacant Lot (Ed Sullivan)
Lou Reed -- New York, Fuckin Sire (Ed Sullivan)
The Replacements -- Don't Tell A Soul, Fuckin Sire Again (Ed Sullivan)
Zoogz Rift -- Murdering Hell's Happy Cretins, SST (Greg Chapman)
Run Westy Run -- Run Nesty Run, SST (Greg Chapman)
Saint vitus -- Mournful Cries, SST (Greg Chapman)
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists -- Hit Me With That Surreal Feel, Black Eye (Tim Cronin)
Screaming Tribesmen -- Bones And Flowers, Speedo (Ed Sullivan)
Spacemen 3 -- Playing With Fire, Fire Records (Greg Chapman)
Spacemen 3 -- Revolution 12", ? (Greg Chapman)
Tad -- God's Balls, Sub Pop (Greg Chapman)
Tall Dwarfs -- Hello Cruel World, Homestead (Ed Sullivan)
That Petrol Emotion -- Live, Mansfield (Ed Sullivan)
Thelonius Monster -- Stormy Weather, Relativity (Ed Sullivan)
They Might Be Giants -- Lincoln, Restless (Greg Chapman)
Thin White Rope -- Red Sun, Frontier (Greg Chapman)
Throbbing Gristle -- Heathen Earth, ? (Greg Chapman)
Treacherous Jaywalkers -- Good Medicine, SST (Greg Chapman)
Thomas Truax And His Dark Tricks -- Spook Show, Dark Trick (Ed Sullivan)
V/A -- Back To The Grindstone, KO City (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Def Jam Classics voL 1, Def Jam (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- The Melting Pot, SST (Ed Sullivan)
V/A -- Subpop 200, Subpop (Tim Cronin)
Wargasm -- Why Play Around?, Profile (Ed Sullivan)
White Zombie -- Make Them Die Slowly, Caroline (Greg Chapman)
Wrecking Crew -- Balance Of Terror, Hawker (Greg Chapman)
The Bastards -- "Frank"/"Loser", Treehouse (Tim Cronin)
Butthole Surfers -- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bootleg, no label (Greg Chapman)
Chemical People -- Black Throat, 2" Pecker (Greg Chapman)
Flaming Lips -- "Drug Machine"/"Strychnine", Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Helios Creed -- "Nothing Wrong"/"The Sky" Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Les Thugs -- "Chess & Crimes"/"Sunday Time", Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Strangulated Beatoffs -- "Shake Your Dick"/"Strangle Me", Firefighter (Tim Cronin)
Anthrophobia -- 88, no label (Greg Chapman)
Dwarves -- We Killed Cock Throbbin, Nasty Gash (Greg Chapman)
Orifice -- A Pretty Nice Guy...A Pretty Good Liar, no label (Greg Chapman)
23rd Generator -- Hypnosis Vol. 1, no label (Greg Chapman)

The Last Blast, Black Label ; Big Black final concert Video (Ed Sullivan)
Thee Films 1950's - 1960's ; some kind of Temple of Psychick Youth / Burroughs thing (?)

UA Record List : Love / Hate.

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)
Live Skull interview and live photos, by UA
Live Skull interview and live photos, by UA
Live Skull interview and live photos, by UA
Live Skull interview and live photos, by UA
Live Skull interview and live photos, by UA
Live Skull interview and live photos, by UA
Live Skull interview and live photos, by UA
Live Skull interview and live photos, by UA

Art :
Cover, optical illusion graphic, stolen.
Lots of dumb graphics, pics and text through out the issue.
Back cover, lady w/creepily distorted face, assume stolen.

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Notes :
None yet.

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