ISSUE #3 - 1988

Sylvia Juncosa, Soundgarden, Mudhoney
March 11 at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ
March 10 at CBGB's, NYC, NY
March 12 at The Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ

    Sylvia Juncosa; a really great guitarist, a really tight band. I just wish she wouldn't sing. Soundgarden was better at CB's than at Maxwell's. They're a good band but something's missing (like good songs). They only clicked on about half of the songs they did and Ultramega OK had a lot of filler on it. I think the only reason A&M signed 'em was Chris Cornell; he looks like the singer from INXS and sounds like Bob Plant (Jealous? Of course.). In five years he'll be doing the love theme from Top Gun 3 with Terri Nunn or the Wilson sisters. Mudhoney were the real deal. They kinda sucked at Maxwell's due to a bunch of interruptions cuz qf broken strings. They did a few new songs that were a little slower; making the grunge factor that much more apparent. They even did an intro that sounded like a Blue Cheer song. Everything was together and solid when they played the Court. When Mudhoney has all the cheese and distortion working they get the meanest sound I've ever heard, nastier than the Swans or Slayer in their respective heydays. It's this all-encompassing distorto-squelch that goes beyond guitar mud bands and stomps anything in any genre.
   -Tim Cronin, Mudhoney's PR man

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