ISSUE #3 - 1988

Cows, God Bullies, Babes In Toyland
Feb. 18 at Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ
   While most of the coolsters went to the big rock show at the Ritz and saw B.A.L.L./Big Dipper/Dinosaur Jr., about twenty people went to Max's to see what promised to be a great show. Babes In Toyland were first, three babes, jagged noise rock, pretty cool. The biggest disappointment was the God Bullies. After two shit-hot singles and an equally cool tape I had pretty high hopes. Unfortunately these simps blew dead dogs. My first clue was the flowers thrown onstage. Then the singer had on this fucking tablecloth and was dancing around like a Hare Krishna version of Alice Cooper, talking to doll's heads and waving a cross around. The rest of the band meandered around at low volume, totally clueless. This kind of hokey slop might play out there in Kalamazoo but the shit wasn't flushing here. DO YOU GET THE FUCKING PICTURE THEY WERE NOTHING LIKE THEIR SINGLES AVOID THESE TWEE FUCKHEADS AT COSTS. The Cows, however, were the real deal. Off-kilter goon rock played by goons for goons. The best way to describe them is as a working class Butthole Surfers (lower on the art scale than the Surfers, but just as fucked). Give 'em a couple of years and they're gonna be a monster, but right now they're pretty fucking great.
   -Tim Cronin

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