Ugly American #2

UA Issue #2 cover Released : 1988

Tagline : "Behind the times and loving it"

Masthead :
Prime Mover: Greg Chapman

Quality Control: Ed S.
Basic Support: Heather Brewer
Emissary Of Trad-Rock: Tim Cronin
Resident Theoretician: J. Marlowe

Love + Kisses to; Floyd of Skin Trade, GG Allin, Myk Doskocil, Tim Dagger, Masters and Slaves of WLFR, The Raven (Texas Connection), Frank Phobia, Joe Hell Sausage, King Carcass, and anyone we forgot.

Publisher's Statement :
The Ugly American is $2 thru the mail (postage adds up, chump). No subscriptions are available. This zine is published whenever we run low on drug money. Ad rates; $5, quarter page; $10 half page; $15, whole page. Contents may not be re-printed under any circumstances. Unless you send money. All checks + M.O.s payable to Greg Chapman. Write to us if you have something intelligent to say, cause a letters section would be a good idea.

CONTENTS [38pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)
Butthole Surfers / Live Skull, Nov. 19 1988, The Ritz, NYC NY (Ed Sullivan)
Rapeman / Bullet LaVolta / Leather Studded Diaphragm, Sep. 23 1988, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Ed Sullivan)
Skinny Puppy / Nine-Inch Nails, Nov. 2 1988, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Greg Chapman)
Slayer / Motorhead / Overkill, Mischief Night, Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
Butthole Surfers / Big Mouth, Nov. 22 1988, Chesnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
Devo, Nov. 11 1988, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Greg Chapman)
Royal Trux, 1988, CBGBs Record Canteen, NYC NY (Tim Cronin)
Rapeman, Sep. 23 1988, City Gardens, Trenton NJ (Greg Chapman)

G.G. Allin
Drunks With Guns
Steve Albini, Sept 23 1988, City Gardens, Trenton NJ

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
Swans -- Feel Good Now, ?, (Ed Sullivan)
Alien Sex Fiend -- Another Planet, Caroline (Greg Chapman)
G.G. Allin -- Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, & Junkies, Homestead (Ed Sullivan)
Angry Samoans -- STP, Not LSD, PVC (Ed Sullivan)
Eric B. & Rakim -- Follow The Leader, Uni (Ed Sullivan)
Bad Brains -- Live, SST (Greg Chapman)
B.A.L.L. -- Bird, Shitty Disc (Greg Chapman)
Bastro -- Rode Hard And Put Up Wet EP, Homestead (Tim Cronin)
Batz Without Flesh -- Batz Without Flesh, NTS (Greg Chapman)
Beatnigs -- Beatnigs, Alternative Tentacles (Ed Sullivan)
Jello Biafra -- No More Cocoons, Alternative Tentacles (Ed Sullivan)
Big stick -- Crack N Drag, Caroline (Greg Chapman)
Blue Oyster Cult -- Imaginos, Coldumbia (Greg Chapman)
Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds -- Tender Prey, Mute (Ed Sullivan)
Eugene Chadbourne -- I've Been Everywhere, Fundamental (Ed Sullivan)
Eugene Chadbourne -- Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love Album, ? (Ed Sullvian)
Danzig -- Danzig, Def American Recordings (Ed Sullivan)
Das Damen -- Marshmellow Conspiracy, SST (Ed Sullivan)
Dead Can Dance -- Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun, 4AD (Ed Sullivan)
Death Angel -- Frolic Through The Park, Enigma (Greg Chapman)
Devo -- Total Devo, Enigma (Greg Chapman)
Die Kruezen -- Century Days, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Dinosaur Jr. -- Bug, SST (Ed Sullivan)
The Donner Party -- The Donner Party, Rough Trade (Ed Sullivan)
Electric Peace -- Insecticide, Barred (Greg Chapman)
Elvis Hitler -- Disgraceland, Restless (Greg Chapman)
F/i -- Space Mantra, RRRecords (Greg Chapman)
Flesheaters -- Live, Homostead (Ed Sullivan)
Flipper -- Sex Bomb Baby, Subterranean (Ed Sullivan)
Diamanda Galas -- You Must Be Certain Of The Devil, Enigma (Greg Chapman)
Gore -- Mean Man's Dream, Rave (Ed Sullivan)
Green River -- Rehab Doll EP, Sub Pop (Ed Sullivan)
Happy Hate-Me-Nots -- Out, Rough Trade (Ed Sullivan)
Jane's Addiction -- Nothing's Shocking Warner Bros. (Ed Sullivan)
Daniel Johnston -- Hi, How Are You?, Homedread (Ed Sullivan)
Laibach -- Let It Be, Mute (Ed Sullivan)
Laughing Soup Dish -- We Are The Dish, Voxx (Greg Chapman)
Lime Spiders -- Volatile, Caroline (Ed Sullivan)
Live Skull -- Snuffer E.P., Caroline (Ed Sullivan)
Loop -- The World In Your Eyes, Cartel (Ed Sullivan)
Ginger Lynn -- Fantasy World, Club Ginger (Greg Chapman)
Membranes -- 'Kiss Ass, Godhead', Homestead (Ed Sullivan)
Metallica -- And Justice For All, Elecktra (Greg Chapman)
Ministry -- Land Of Rape And Honey, Sire (Ed Sullivan)
Misfits -- Walk Among Us, Ruby (Greg Chapman)
Mudhoney -- "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More" / "Touch Me I'm Sick" Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Mudhoney -- Superfuzz Bigmuff EP, Sub Pop (Tim Cronin)
Mudhoney -- Superfuzz Bigmuff EP, Sub Pop (Ed Sullivan)
Pixies -- Gigantic 12", 4AD (Ed Sullivan)
Prong -- Force Fed, Spooky (Greg Chapman)
Pussy Galore -- Sugarshit Sharp E.P., Caroline (Ed Sullivan)
Rapeman -- Budd E. P., Touch and Go (Ed Sullivan)
Rapeman -- Two Nuns And A Pack Mule, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Zoogz Rift -- Nonentity, SST (Ed Sullivan)
Rollins Band -- Do It, Texas Hotel (Greg Chapman)
Royal Trux -- Royal Trux, Royal (Tim Cronin)
Schoolly D -- Smoke Some Kill, Jive (Greg Chapman)
Screaming Trees -- Invisible Lanterns, SST (Greg Chapman)
Elliot Sharp / Carbon -- Larynx, SST (Ed Sullivan)
Siouxsie & The Banshees -- Peepshow, Geffen (Greg Chapman)
Skinny Poopy, Vivi Sect VI (Ed Sullivan)
Soundgarden -- Ultramega O.K., SST (Ed Sullivan)
Spacemen 3 -- Performance EP, Glass (Ed Sullivan)
Spacemen 3 -- The Perfect Perscription, Genius (Greg Chapman)
Sonic Youth -- Daydream Nation, Blast First!/Enigma (Ed Sullivan)
Sonic Youth -- Daydream Nation, Blast First!/Enigma (Tim Cronin)
Soul Asylum ~- Hang Time, A&M (Ed Sullivan)
Stickdog -- Human, Alternative Tentacles (Ed Sullivan)
The Three Johns -- The Death Of Everything And More, Caroline (Ed Sullivan)
Tragic Mulatto -- Locos Por El Sexo, Alternative Tentacles (Ed Sullivan)
Trotsky Icepick -- Baby, SST (Ed Sullivan)
V/A -- Human Music, Homestead (Ed Sullivan)
V/A -- Fist Full Of Hits, Taang! Records (Ed Sullivan)
V/A -- Oops! Wrong Stereotype, Alternative Tentacles (Ed Sullivan)
Venom -- Calm Before The Storm, K-Tel (Greg Chapman)
Volcano Suns -- Farced, SST (Ed Sullivan)
Vomit Launch -- Exiled Sandwich, Rat Box (Greg Chapman)
Tom Waits -- Big Time, Island (Ed Sullivan)
World Domination Enterprises-- Let's Play Domination, Caroline (Greg Chapman)
G.G. Allin -- Expose Yourself To Kids, Homestead (Greg Chapman)
Bastards -- "Shit For Brains"/"Who Cares", Treehouse (Tim Cronin)
Capt. Beefheart -- Avalon '66 (4 song single, bootleg), (Tim Cronin)
Half Off -- Shoot Guns, New Beginning (Tim Cronin)
Liviiing -- "Liviiing"/"I Love You, I Love Life", no label (Greg Chapman)
Rapeman -- The single that nobody has, no label (Greg Chapman)
Serial Killers -- Heidnik's House Of Horrors single, Suspiria (Greg Chapman)
Space Negros-- Go Commercial, Arf Arf (Greg Chapman)
The Thrown-Ups -- Eat My Dump, Amphetimine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Urge Overkill -- "Witchita Lineman"/"Head On", Touch & Go (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Dope-Guns-N-Fucking In The Streets Vol. 1, Amphetamine Reptile (Tim Cronin)
Wallmen -- Earth Woman, Dead Judy (Greg Chapman)
Skin -- The World Of Skin, Product (J. Marlowe)
Bitch Magnet -- Star Booty, Roman Candle (J. Marlowe)
Honor Role -- "Twist"/"Naked Wife", Homestead (J. Marlowe)
Pailhead -- Trait EP, Wax Trax : Ministry -- Land Of Rape And Honey, Sire (J. Marlowe)
King Carcass -- King Carcass, no label (Ed Sullivan)
Reed Linkletter Jr. -- Vegas Fist, Cool Beans (Ed Sullivan)
Orifice -- Orifice, no label (Greg Chapman)
Ripping Corpse -- Splattered Remains, Cool Beans (Ed Sullivan)
Curiously strong Peppermints -- Rebels, Not Dentists, Cool Beans (Ed Sullivan)
At The Dumpster -- At The Dumpster, no label (Greg Chapman)
Wallmen -- $3.00, Dead Judy (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Island Of Misfit Toys, Cool Beans (Ed Sullivan)

"Lysergic Disfunction", acid trips, etc., by Ed Sullivan.
UA Record Lists : UA Want List, Top Turntable Picks, Top Dumpster Picks

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)
Steve Albini, live at City Gardens, Sep 23 1988, by Greg Chapman
Steve Albini, live at City Gardens, Sep 23 1988, by Greg Chapman
Steve Albini, live at City Gardens, Sep 23 1988, by Greg Chapman

Art :
Cover, blind eyeball.
Lots of dumb graphics, pics and text through out the issue.
Back cover, "The Poisoning of American" mixed graphics.

Ads :
Veils of Negative Existence, Ugly American tape compilation ad w King Carcass, Dog of Mystery (pre-
        Monster Magnet), etc.
G.G. Allin, "Freaks Fags Drunks and Junkies" release w/song titles, address, etc.

Notes :
None yet.

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