ISSUE #2 - 1988

Ministry -- Land Of Rape And Honey     Sire
    First major label crap that I can get behind and go "Do it". A colleague of mine purports that this is further evidence of cashing in on angry music ("Yeah, Burt, the kids'll eat this up"). But a Thanksgiving weekend of drinkin n druggin n listenin to "Stigmata" on 10 forced me into submission. Drum machine set to kill, two-chord guitar crunch, and the best distorto-vocals since Stevie A. add up to a heady brew of mind-bend. Everything that Skinny Puppy promises but never seems to deliver. Kickin ass, even tho the repetition and moves made in a "dance-groove" direction make one occasionally weary. Your next serious purchase.
   -Ed Sullivan

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