Ugly American #13

UA Issue #13 cover
Released : 1999

Tagline : "Better Living Through Animosity"

Masthead :
maximum leader/filth keeper/never seen in public:
   Greg Chapman
board of directors/CFO/Alamo review policy:
   J. Marlowe

Publisher's Statement :
Ugly American #13 copyright 1999 Ugly American. All rights you fuck reserved. Don't bother sending promos, because if we want to get our hands on a record, we will. Don't bother removing us from your promo list, because Ugly American has already been removed from every mailing list extant. You may send advertisements, but you won't get a good review in exchange, and furthermore your ad will be immediately set on fire and then returned to you in little ashy pieces via Federal Express using whatever paltry funds you've sent. This issue dedicated to HMV Records, whose quaintly generous 100% money-back guarantee enabled us to purchase and then subsequently return approximately 9,000 records released within the past year. Finally, there are no subscriptions, trades, samples or McDonald's tie-ins, and the only reader survey you'll ever see asks the following question: "Who do you think you're kidding?" There is no prize.

CONTENTS [210pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)


MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
Shellac -- Terraform, Touch & Go (J. Marlowe)
PJ Harvey -- Is This Desire?, Island (J. Marlowe)
The Jesus Lizard -- Blue, Capitol (J. Marlowe)
Sonic Youth -- A Thousand Leaves, DGC (J. Marlowe)
Vision Of Disorder -- Imprint, Roadrunner (J. Marlowe)
Girls Against Boys -- Freak-on-ica, DGC (J. Marlowe)
Marylin Manson -- Mechanical Animals, Nothing (J. Marlowe)
DJ Spooky -- Riddim Warfare, Outpost/Asphodel (J. Marlowe)
Photek -- Form & Function, Astralwerks/Virgin (J. Marlowe)
The Body Lovers -- Number One Of Three, Young God/Atavistic (J. Marlowe)
Propeller heads -- DECKSANDDRUMSANDROCKANDROLL, Dreamworks (J. Marlowe)
Autechre -- LP5, Warp (J. Marlowe)
Josh Wink -- HEREHEAR, Columbia/Ovum (J. Marlowe)
Earth Crisis -- Breed The Killers, Roadrunner (J. Marlowe)
Tortoise -- TNT, Thrill Jockey (J. Marlowe)
Uzeda -- Different Section Wires, Touch & Go (J. Marlowe)
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -- Acme, Matador/Capitol (J. Marlowe)
Bomb 20 -- Field Manual, DHR (J. Marlowe)
Grooverider -- Mysteries Of Funk, Columbia (J. Marlowe)
Fatboy Slim -- You've Come A Long Way, Baby, Astralwerks/Skint (J. Marlowe)
Unkle -- Psyence Fiction, Mo Wax/London (J. Marlowe)
The Dillinger Escape Plan -- Under The Running Board, Relapse (J. Marlowe)
Soilent Green -- Sewn Mouth Secrets, Relapse (J. Marlowe)
Don Caballero -- What Burns Never Returns, Touch & Go (J. Marlowe)
V/A -- The Projekt Sampler, Projekt (J. Marlowe)
Einsturzende Neubauten -- Ende Neu, Nothing (J. Marlowe)
Sepultura -- Against, Roadrunner (J. Marlowe)
Stanford Prison Experiment -- Wrecreation, Island (J. Marlowe)
Ice -- Bad Blood, In Bloom/Reprise (J. Marlowe)
Vanilla Ice -- Hard To Swallow, Republic/Universal (J. Marlowe)
Trans Am -- The Surveillance, Thrill Jockey (J. Marlowe)
Hovercraft -- Experiment Below, Mute (J. Marlowe)
Dieselboy -- Sixeleven DJMix Series 611/Artists Only! (J. Marlowe)
Wagon Christ -- Tally Ho! Astralwerks (J. Marlowe)
4 Hero -- Two Pages, Mercury (J. Marlowe)
Squarepusher -- Music Is Rotted One Note, Warp/nothing (J. Marlowe)
Napalm Death -- Inside The Torn Apart, Earache (J. Marlowe)
pi -- Original Soundtrack, Thrive/Sire (J. Marlowe)
Y Pants -- YPants, Periodic Document (J. Marlowe)
Live Skull -- Don't Get Any On You, Homestead (J. Marlowe)
Paul van Dyk -- Seven Ways, Mute (J. Marlowe)
Nigel Richards -- Sixeleven DJ Mix Series, 611/Artists Only! (J. Marlowe)
DeeJay Punk-Roc -- ChickenEye, Independiente/Epic (J. Marlowe)
Smith & Mighty -- DJKicks, Stud!o K7 (J. Marlowe)
Bare Minimum -- Can't Cure The Nailbiters, Rx Remedy (J. Marlowe)
SubArachnoid Space -- Endless Renovation, Release (J. Marlowe)
Stereolab -- Aluminum Tunes, Drag City (J. Marlowe)
Fugazi -- End Hits, Dischord (J. Marlowe)
Thurston Moore -- Root, Lo Recordings (J. Marlowe)
Plastikman -- Consumed, NovaMute (J. Marlowe)
Burger/Ink -- Las Vegas, Matador/EMI (J. Marlowe)
Six Finger Satellite -- Law Of Ruins, Sub Pop (J. Marlowe)
Test Dept. -- Beating A Retreat, Thirsty Ear (J. Marlowe)
Jonny L -- Magnetic, XL Recordings/EMI (J. Marlowe)
Panacea -- Twisted Designz, TMC/Indust. Strength (J. Marlowe)
Christoph De Babalon -- If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It, DHR (J. Marlowe)
Hive -- Devious Methods, London/FFRR (J. Marlowe)
Simon Reynolds -- Generation Ecstasy, Little/Brown (J. Marlowe)
Cat Power -- Moon Pix, Matador (J. Marlowe)
The Ex -- Starters Alternators, Touch & Go (J. Marlowe)
Goldie -- Saturnzreturn, FFRR/Polygram (J. Marlowe)
Goldie -- Ring Of Saturn, FFRR/Polygram (J. Marlowe)
Portishead -- Roseland NYC Live, London/Go! Beat (J. Marlowe)
Spiritualized -- Royal Albert Hall October 10, 1997 Live, Arista (J. Marlowe)
Rob Zombie -- Hellbilly Deluxe, Geffen (J. Marlowe)
Don Caballero -- Singles Breaking Up (Vol. I), Touch & Go (J. Marlowe)
Blind Idiot God -- Cyclotron, Avant (J. Marlowe)

"Pornonomicon", porn theory and movie reviews. Bit on redheads, bit on Traci Lords, by Greg Chapman.

Pussyman, porn industry interview, by Greg Chapman.
Katie Gold, porn star interview, by Greg Chapman.
Mila, porn star interview, by Greg Chapman.
Wild Bill Witrock, porn industry interview, by Greg Chapman.
Nina Whett, porn star interview, by Greg Chapman.

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)

Art and graphics :
Front cover, Nude woman holding a flag riding The Jersey Devil, by Stef.
Rear cover, Guy with a demon thing, stolen and/or made by J. Marlowe.

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