Ugly American #12

UA Issue #12 cover
Released : 1997

Tagline : "Support Our Troops"

Masthead :
quim gremlin: Greg Chapman
glock master: The Sly-Wandering Vagrant
tantarrabobs: J. Marlowe, Freddy The Bastard, Tom Smith
all drawings: Stefanie Himes
front cover: Simeon & Peg, The Studio

Publisher's Statement :
Ugly American vergeltungswaffe twelve copyright 1997 Glib Liberty. UA auguries can retaliate on many vibratory planes in case of psychic hostilities. Unsolicited submissions, records, tapes, letterbombs, manuscripts, etc., cannot be returned because they will be destroyed. Good porn is appreciated.

CONTENTS [152pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)
Silver Apples / Bardo Pond / Space Needle / Alan Vega, 1/19/97, The Knitting Factory, NYC NY
        (Greg Chapman)
Six Finger Satellite / Thee Hydrogen Terrors / Humidifier, 2/20/97, Silk City, Philly PA (Greg Chapman)
Silver Apples / Bardo Pond, Friday the 13th 1997, Upstair's at Nick's, the Big Philthy (Greg Chapman)
Napalm Death / Immolation / Malevolent Creation / Oppressor / Anal Cunt / Dim Mak / Evilution, 7/21/97, CBGB, NYC NY (Greg Chapman)
The Haters / Crank Sturgeon / Skin Crime / Blacktail Ltd. / Lightning Bolt / Forcefield, 8/6/97, Astrocade,
        Philly PA (Greg Chapman)

Silver Apples
Lake of Dracula
Lightning Bolt

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
Blacktail Ltd. -- tape, ? (Greg Chapman)
Deerhoof -- double 7", Menlo Park (Greg Chapman)
The Flying Luttenbachers -- Gods Of Chaos, ? (Greg Chapman)
Forcefield/Lightning Bolt -- split 7", Load (Greg Chapman)
Frosty -- "Drive-Thru Lover" / "Get My Rocks Off", Menlo Park (Greg Chapman)
Harlingtox AD -- CD, Laundry Room (Greg Chapman)
Hate Eternal -- demo, ? (Greg Chapman)
Hate Wave -- demo, ? (Greg Chapman)
Immortal -- Battles In The North, Osmose (Greg Chapman)
Lake Of Dracula -- Lake Of Dracula, Skin Graft (Greg Chapman)
Lake Of Dracula -- Live 7", Sin Raft (Greg Chapman)
Olneyville Sound System -- Because we're All In This Together, Load (Greg Chapman)
The Psycho Realm -- CD, Ruffhouse/Columbia (Greg Chapman)
Silver Apples -- Beacon, Whirlybird (Greg Chapman)
Six Finger Satellite -- Live At ACI 7", Sub Pop (Greg Chapman)
Spectrum -- Forever, Alien Reprise (Greg Chapman)
Splotch -- Have Another Tantrum, Menlo Park (Greg Chapman)
Subarachnoid Space -- Almost Invisible, Release (Greg Chapman)
Upsidedown Cross -- Witchcraft EP, Final Injection (Greg Chapman)
U.S. Maple -- Sang Phat Editor, Skin Graft (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- A Compactibility Of Dissonance, Lakeside (Greg Chapman)
Trans Am -- Surrender to the Night, Thrill Jockey (J. Marlowe)
Aphex Twin -- Richard D. James, Sire (J. Marlowe)
Sleater-Kinney -- Dig Me Out, Kill Rock Stars (J. Marlowe)
Chemical Brothers -- Dig Your Own Hole, Astralwerks (J. Marlowe)
Helmet -- Aftertaste, Interscope (J. Marlowe)
U2 -- Pop, Island (J. Marlowe)
Scorn -- Zander, Invisible (J. Marlowe)
Napalm Death -- Diatribes, Earache ; Couch -- Glass Brothers 1993-1994, Bulb (J. Marlowe)
Windy & Carl -- Antarctica, Darla ; Flying Saucer Attack -- Sally Free and Easy, Drag City (J. Marlowe)
Crisis -- Deathshead Extermination, Metal Blade (J. Marlowe)
Swans -- Soundtracks For The Blind, Young God (J. Marlowe)
Rollins Band -- Come In And Burn, Dreamworks (J. Marlowe)
DJ Spooky -- Songs of a Dead Dreamer, Asphodel ; Bile -- Teknowhore, Energy (J. Marlowe)
Atari Teenage Riot -- Burn, Berlin, Burn, Grand Royal (J. Marlowe)
LOVE 666 -- "Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock" LP, Amphetamine Reptile (Freddy the Bastard)
PEGBOY -- "Dangermare" / KEPONE -- "Ghost", split 7", Quarterstick (Freddy the Bastard)
The Epileptix -- "Self Hate" 7", Rebel Rumble Fish (Freddy the Bastard)
Grief -- "Miserable Ever After" dbl LP, Theologian (Freddy the Bastard)
Deadguy -- "Work Ethic" 7", Engine (Freddy the Bastard)
The Problelmatics -- "Blown Out Again" 10", OR records (Freddy the Bastard)
Eye Magazine -- #10, (Freddy the Bastard)
The Mummies -- "Uncontrollable Urge - Girl U Want" 7", Bootleg (Freddy the Bastard)
Gnomes of Zurich -- "Where Poland Meets Africa" 7", Sister (Freddy the Bastard)
The Murderers -- "The Murderers" 7", Havoc (Freddy the Bastard)
Demolition Doll Rods -- "I Wanna O.D." 7", Bag of Hammers (Freddy the Bastard)
Von Zippers -- "Wurms - Hey Hey Baby" dbl 7", Estrus (Freddy the Bastard)
Doom -- "Hail Sweden" 7", Pandora's Box (Freddy the Bastard)
Harry Pussy -- LP, Siltbreeze (Freddy the Bastard)
Bloodstaing Across Europe -- compilation LP, (no label, no kidding) (Freddy the Bastard)
Bloodstaing Across Finland -- compilation LP, (no label, no kidding) (Freddy the Bastard)
A Brief History Of Vats -- Volumes 1&2, Kirbdog (Freddy the Bastard)
Chumbawumba -- Tubthumper, Universal (Freddy the Bastard)
Cult Junk Cafe -- CD Gentle Giant
Deicide -- Serpents Of The Light Roadrunner
Earth -- Pentastar Sub Pop
Firewater -- Get Off The Cross... Jetset
Girl -- Triple Limes Direct Hit
The Grown-Ups -- Rampage Direct Hit
Immortal -- Blizzard Beasts Osmose
Jewel -- Pieces Of You Atlantic
The Prodigy -- Fat Of The Land Maverick
Skeleton Key -- Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon Capitol
Sugar Ray -- Floored Atlantic
V/A -- Sasquatch Kirbdog
V/A -- Tibetan Freedom Concert Capi to1
Wellwater Conspiracy -- Declaration of Conformity Third Gear

Dirty Snowballs, porn movie reviews by Thor Hoarfrost.

Candy Apples, porn actress interview by Greg Chapman.
John T. Bone, porn business interview by Greg Chapman.
Holli Woods, porn actress interview by Greg Chapman.
Temple of Bon Matin...thing.
Gregory Dark, porn business interview by Greg Chapman.
Matt Zane, porn business interview by Greg Chapman.
Tora! Tora! Tora! Music Festival Report by Greg Chapman.
Temple of Bon Matin tour diary, by Greg Chapman.
Dan interview, on alternative health and suppressed medical technologies, by the Sly Wandering Vagrant.
To Live And Shave In LA thing, I can't quite figure out what it is.
Alcoholic KO, music fest thing by Greg Chapman.
A Telephone Call From Max Hardcore, by Greg Chapman.

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)
Candy Apples, porn star, provided by CA.
Lake of Dracula, provided by the band.
Lake of Dracula thing, provided by the band.
#1 Temple of Bon Matin show and tour photos, by Stefanie Himes.
#2 Temple of Bon Matin show and tour photos, by Stefanie Himes.
#3 Temple of Bon Matin show and tour photos, by Stefanie Himes.
#4 Temple of Bon Matin show and tour photos, by Stefanie Himes.
#5 Temple of Bon Matin show and tour photos, by Stefanie Himes.
#6 Temple of Bon Matin show and tour photos, by Stefanie Himes.
#7 Temple of Bon Matin show and tour photos, by Stefanie Himes.

Art and Graphics :
Front cover, Simeon & Peg, the studio.
Stylized nude drawing, by Stef.
Astoveboat drawing, by the band.
Tora! Tora! Tora! music fest flyer.
Stylized nude drawing #2, by Stef.

Ads :
Tora! Tora! Tora! music festival ad.
Upside Down Cross EP ad.
Morning Frost Records ad, Woozlebug LP.
Load Records ad.
Whirlybird Records Silver Apples ad.
Silver Apples LP ad.

Notes :
None yet.

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