Ugly American #10

UA Issue #10 cover

Released : 1995

Tagline : "The Combat Room Fogger Of Fanzines"

Masthead :
Editor/Publisher: Greg Chapman
Editor: Ed Sullivan
Asst. Editor: Tim Cronin

Staff Members:
Selwyn Harris
Mike Kelly
Rob Leecock
Reed Linkletter, Jr.
J. Marlowe
Scott Ruth
Tom Smith
Freddy The Bastard
The Sly-Wandering Vagrant

Cover art by Rob Leecock

Publisher's Statement :
Ugly American is forged at the hoof of the Woozlebug, in accordance with the seventh ray avatars and the dominator Dominus. Most review material received is DOA and becomes instant trash, so there's no address. Therefore, must have Black Seal for a response (and only the self luminous need apply because we can only be contacted in the ether or by ouija). The only way to get it to us is by conjuring a jinn to whirlwind your pithy offering up, up and away...
Contents copyright 1995 by the Siege Cannon Thor Of The Jersey Shore. Anybody that fucks with us will regret it. Du Sith will fell you with an elfbolt. The Great Old Ones will rain down ruin on your home and health. Our own personal witchdoctor, a black belt in the black arts, will put a wanga on your life. Just the thought of theft will enact a rex of a hex upon your head. We'll storm in like SAFTA fueled shock troops to collect on the karma. Just ask the witch of Endor, asshole.
Warning: Our tentacles reach into every cave and can telegraph every kobold. We know the nepheliads on every cloud. The moon is our searchlight into every night. The Divine Spark provides lightning at our fingertips and the Devil is at our disposal. We'll hunt your headstones. Our crystals are clear as glinting glaives, are yours?

CONTENTS [116pp] :

(band/s, date, venue, town, review author)
Codger / Gin Mill, 10/31/94, T-Bird's Cafe, Asbury Park NJ (Ed Sullivan)
Jack- 0-Nuts, 11/17/94, Khyber Pass, Philadelphia PA (Ed Sullivan)
Muzzle / Human Remains, 1/8/95, Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ (Greg Chapman)
Spectrum / Bardo Pond / Envelope, 2/11/95, Khyber Pass, Philadelphia PA (Greg Chapman)
Bizarre video's Wrap Party Gala, 5/1/95, Brookyn, NY (Greg Chapman)
Atomic Bitch Wax / Ultra Jesus Kiss / The Lemmings, 5/12/95, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ (Greg Chapman)
Monster Magnet / Fu Manchu, 2/20/95, the Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ (Greg Chapman)
Dog / Kreamy 'Lectric Santa / JFK's LSD UFO, 6/5/95, the Saint, Asbury Park NJ (Greg Chapman)
P.J. Harvey, 6/7/95, The Academy, NYC NY (Tim Cronin)
Melt-Banana / Discordance Axis, 6/22/95, Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ (Greg Chapman)
Glenn Branca, 11/20/94, The Kitchen, NYC NY (J. Marlowe)
Blind Idiot God / Wider / Vineland, 12/10/94, CBGB, NY (J. Marlowe)
Shellac / Chavez / Six Finger Satellite / Bricklayercake, 3/28/95, Westbeth Theatre, NY
        (J. Marlowe)
Bunny Brains / Truman's Watera / Bardo Pond, 4/22/95, Under Acme, NY (J. Marlowe)
Painkiller, 5/12/95, Knitting Factory, NY (J. Marlowe)
Magic Hour / Ghost, 6/18/95, Maxwells NJ (J. Marlowe)
Anal Cunt / Jack off Jill, May 17 1995, Squeeze, Fort Lauderdale FL (The Sly-Wandering Vagrant)

The Bunny Brains (part 1)
The Shit Spangled Banner
Human Remains

MUSIC REVIEWS (cds/lps/singles/tapes) :
(band, release name, record label, review author)
9353 -- Insult To Injury, Magically Delicious, Adult Swim (Greg Chapman)
Bunny Brains -- Bunny Magick, Blackjack (Greg Chapman)
Bunny Brains -- CD, 1993 (Greg Chapman)
Bushwick Bill -- Phantom Of The Rapra, Rap-A-Lot (The De-Animator)
Butthole Surfers -- The Hole Truth...And Nothing Butt, Trance (Greg Chapman)
Circle Jerks -- Oddities, Abnormalties, Curiousities, Mercury (The De-Animator)
Crash Worship -- Triple Mania II, Charnel (Greg Chapman)
Da Lench Mob -- Planet Of Da Apes Priority (Greg Chapman)
Dancing French Liberals Of '48 -- Powerline Broken, Rekids (Greg Chapman)
Deadguy -- Work Ethic, Engine (Tim Cronin)
Death Cube K -- Dreamatorium, Subharmonic (Greg Chapman)
Death In June -- Sun Dogs mini-CD, Twilight Command/NER (Freddy the Bastard)
Deicide -- Once Upon The Cross, Roadrunner (Greg Chapman)
Deicide -- Once Upon The Cross, Roadrunner (Ed Sullivan)
Devil Head -- Your Ice Cream's Dirty (Greg Chapman)
Dog Faced Hermans -- Those Deep Buds, Alternative Tentacles (Ed Sullivan)
Dog Faced Hermans -- Bump And Swing, Alternative Tentacles (Ed Sullivan)
Drive Choir -- 11 on 7, Esync (Greg Chapman)
Fear Factory -- new CD, Roadracer (Scott Ruth)
Feast -- A Few Good Songs, ? (Greg Chapman)
Flying Saucer Attack -- Distance, VHF (Greg Chapman)
Fu Manchu -- Daredevil, Bong Load (Tim Cronin)
Fugazi -- Red Medicine, Dischord (J. Marlowe)
Gastr Del Sol -- Mirror Repair, Touch & Go (Ed Sullivan)
Gate -- The Dew Line, Table Of Elements (Freddy the Bastard)
Gate -- The Dew Line, Table Of Elements (Greg Chapman)
Gate -- Lounge, Twisted Village (The De-Animator)
Godflesh -- Selfless, ? (Greg Chapman)
High Rise -- Live, PSF (Greg Chapman)
Holland Skin Tunnel -- CD, Con Brio (Scott Rut)
Huggybear -- Weaponry Listens To Love, Kill Rock Stars (Ed Sullivan)
Hurricane -- The Hurra, Grand Royal (Greg Chapman)
Incantation -- The Mortal Throne Of Nazarene, Relapse (Greg Chapman)
Kicking Giant -- Alien ID, K (Ed Sullivan)
Traci Lords -- 1000 Fires, Radioactive (Greg Chapman)
Traci Lords -- Control 12", Radioactive (Greg Chapman)
Man Or Astroman -- World Out Of Mind, Estrus (Tim Cronin)
Meathook Seed -- Embedded, Earache (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Method Man -- Tical, Def Jam/RAL (Greg Chapman)
Morbid Angel -- Domination, Giant (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Mudhoney -- My Brother The Cow, Reprise (Tim Cronin)
Mule -- If I Don't Six, 1/4 Stick (Ed Sullivan)
Ol' Dirty Bastard -- Return To the 36 Chambers, Ral (Scott Ruth)
Orange 9MM -- Driver Not Included, ? (Scott Ruth)
Palace Songs -- Hope EP, Drag City (Ed Sullivan)
Plainfield / Ted Bundy's Volkswagon -- split CD, ? (Greg Sullivan)
The Nymphet Noodlers -- Goinq Abroad, some Swedish label (Tim Cronin)
Royal Trux -- Thank You, Virgin (Tim Cronin)
Russ Myer's -- Original Motion Picture Soundtracks Vol 1&2, QDK (Tim Cronin)
The Shit Spangled Banner -- Flores Para Los Muertos/Instant Head, Psychedelic Railroad (Greg Chapman)
Skullflower -- Carved Into Roses, VHF (Greg Chapman)
Soilent Green -- Pussysoul, ? (Scott Ruth)
Spacemen 3 -- For All The Fucked-Up Children..., Sympathy (Greg Chapman)
Spiritualized -- Pure Phase, dedicated//Arista (Greg Chapman)
Statics -- An Unrespected Man, Bag Of Hammers (Tim Cronin)
Stooges -- Rough Power, Bomp (Tim Cronin)
Tiki Men -- Good life EP, Estrus (Tim Cronin)
Total -- Here Time Is Space, Majora (Greg Chapman)
Upsidedown Cross -- new demos, ? (Greg Chapman)
V/A -- Cold Fusion In A Bottle, Cool Beans (Greg Chapman)
Mike Watt--- Ball-hog Or Tugboat?, some major label (Ed Sullivan)
Wingtip Sloat -- Chewyfoot, VHF (Ed Sullivan)
Babes In Toyland -- Nemesisters, Warner Bros (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Foetus -- Gash, Columbia (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Kittywinder -- One Of Those Weeks, ? (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Lil Half Dead -- The Dead Has Risen, Priority (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Chris Knox -- Songs Of You And Me, Caroline (Cool Hand Lucifer)
King Crimson -- Thrak, ? (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Lunachicks -- Jerk Of All Trades, Go Kart (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Thurston Moore -- Psychic Hearts, DGC (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Morphine -- Yes, Rykodisc (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Pearl Jam -- Vitology, ? (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Psycho Betty -- Brunch With Psycho Betty, Reality (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Royal Trux -- Thank You, DGC (Cool Hand Lucifer)
John Spencer's Blues Explosion -- Orange, DGC (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Veruca Salt -- American Thighs, ? (Cool Hand Lucifer)
White Zohbie -- Astro Creep 2000, ? (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Silver Apples -- 1st LP KaPP, (Greg Chapman)
Silver Apples -- Contact, KaPP (Greg Chapman)
BBQ Young/Bunny Brains -- split, PBR (Greg Chapman)
Dawson -- Small Eared Rank, Project A Bomb (Ed Sullivan)
Dawson -- Outsider, Project A Bomb (Ed Sullivan)
Devil Dogs/New Bomb Turks -- split 7", Helter Skelter (Freddy the Bastard)
Dr. Dre -- Keep Their Heads Ringgin' cassingle, Priority (Greg Chapman)
Fuck -- "Monkey Does His Thing" / "Beauty Remains"/"Shotgun (H)ours", Rhesus (Greg Chapman)
Jack-0-Fire -- "Container rivers"/"A Year And A Day", In The Red (Tim Cronin)
Jack-0-Fire -- Soul Music 101, Chapter 1, Sympathy (Tim Cronin)
Nurse With Wound -- "Steel Dream March Of The Metalmen" 7", Clawfist (Freddy the Bastard)
Teengenerate -- anything, ? (Tim Cronin)
Thee Headcoats -- A-Z of Your Heart, Damaged Goods (Tim Cronin)
V/A -- Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets Vol.9, Amphetamine Reptile (Freddy the Bastard)
V/A -- Jabberjaw Comp Vol. 1, Manmoth (Freddy the Bastard)
V/A -- Jabberjaw Comp Vo1. 3, Mammoth (Freddy the Bastard)
A Bullet For Fidel -- "Bullet For Fidell" / "Dont Want Momma to Know" 7", Scat (Freddy the Bastard)
All -- Pummel, Interscope (Greg Chapman)
Allegory Chapel, Ltd -- When Angels Fall, Charnel (Greg Chapman)
Capitalist -- Casualties / Ulcer -- split 7", Six Weeks (Greg Chapman)
Collapsing Lungs -- Colorblind, ? (Scott RUth)
Doom -- The Greatest Invention, vinyl Japan (Freddy the Bastard)
Doom / Selfish -- split LP -- Ecocentric (Freddy the Bastard)
Doom / Extinction Of Mankind -- split 7", Ecocentric (Freddy the Bastard)
Magic Hour -- Will They Turn You On Or Will They Turn On You, Twisted Village (Greg Chapman)
Space Streakings -- 7-Toku, Skin Graft (Ed Sullivan)
Suffocation -- Pierced From Within, Roadrunner (Cool Hand Lucifer)
Team Dresch -- Personal Best, Chainsaw (Ed Sullivan)
Thrush Hermit -- The Great Pacific Ocean, Murder (Greg Chapman)

Perversion Brain, porn movie reviews by Greg Chapman.

Editorial?, "Music is Dead", by Greg Chapman.
"Notice To All Employees", found.
Merkle's Poultry Farm Letter, found.
Bunny Brains lyrics sheet thing.
Some lyric page I have no idea what it is.
Apocalypse Chong! Article on world record gang bang by Selwyn Harris.
From The Listening Pit, music report by Reed Linklitter Jr.
Evil Acidhead and the 7" that nobody wants to release, as told to Cool Band Lucifer
To be PC or not to be PC?, by Cool Hand Lucifer
Read 'em and Weep, zine reviews by The De-Animator
Freddy's Library, reading reviews by Freddy the Bastard.
Tour Diary of To Live and Shave in LA.
One More Porn, by Cool Hand Lucifer
The Field Guide To Stealing Lawn Gnomes, by Cool Hand Lucifer
News article about satanism in NJ.

Photos :
(in order of appearance in issue)
Photo of the Editor, NOT a selfie. Ha.
Human Remains, provided by band.
Spiritualized, provided by band.
Second Annual Promo Bonfire, editor.
McBain with Monster Magnet, CBGBs, by Rob B.

Art and Graphics :
Front Cover, Demon face, by Rob Leecock.
9353 Show Poster, interview lead.
Lucky Charms coupon thing.
Bunny Brains interview lead.
Shit Spangled Banner interview lead.
Demons gambling, by Rob Leecock.
Horny demon girl, by Stef
Misc. Reed Linkletter Jr. shit.
Jersey Devil drawing, unknown source.

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Notes :
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