ISSUE #10 - 1995

5/12/95, Knitting Factory, NY
    Zorn and Laswell and the drummer from Blind Idiot God all donning blackface and doing that soft-shoe death metal for those who think aggression means eating an entire ham in one sitting. Death metal to Zorn is a 20-year-old tart he keeps around to suck him off whenever he gets to feeling his age. Death metal is a little immigrant houseboy who gets to clean up the spunk on the floor with spit and a toothbrush after Zorn gets through jerking off. Death metal is that Ferrari he buys when he's fifty so he can ride around naked on the leather seats, stuffing his turds into the ashtrays and smoking foot-long cigars just because it's something those young poor punks can only dream of when they're counting nickels to pay rent. As for Laswell, he'd probably kill himself if it meant having a candy bar named after him.
   -J. Marlowe

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