ISSUE #10 - 1995

Hurricane -- The Hurra    Grand Royal
    Rap is dead. It died in redundancy and diminishing returns faster than rock because it was so progressive. This (and maybe the upcoming Cypress joint Temples Of Boom) will be the last ones you'll probably ever need. Frequently, there will be revivals and surprises hither-thither, but so far in post-game overtime rounds only the neo old school mid-80's new school is hitting like Hightower (like the recently waxed winner Never Dated by Milk). The Hurra as it is called has been long-a-comin' and it's a coronae on the crown of the git-down git-down. If you think the Beasties have lost it (they make guest spots in "Four Fly Guys"), then you'll love this (and King Ad Whammy proves to be so much better than the others, as always, that you'd have to wonder why he & the Hurra don't drop those bums). On the whole, this sounds like smokin' sherm, and hits the high-five hard with the Bobo-bongo Donkey Kongo, funky Mario C-isms, and bass-bashing tripped out "Rhymin-N-Stealin" crime-n-ruff party raps. Everybody knows that the first three songs on Eric B. & Rakim's Follow The Leader have not been surpassed, but some of this stands shoulder to shoulder eel The Blast" throttles the panes like no other before or aftermath). Add the original Hurra-style skills and skilled homie hemp-hop with Sen-Dog as best-guest next to Ad-Rock's pro-coke and this takes the bake. Summer's in the house, and this is the smoke, Thick as a brick, boo.
   -Greg Chapman

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