S ometimes things are better left buried. But now technology has made the idea of a 'zine' a primitive mode of communication something akin to cave scrawl, providing the means to greater disseminate a message in ways no one could imagine back in the late-80s to mid-90s. Sadly now, anybody can put up a blog, post in a forum, and have access to a website where they can express uninformed opinions and have debates that go nowhere. The internet has become the cyber babble of millions of mindless voices. Looking back it's a miracle that a jobless slacker with the help of like-minded gonzo punk journalist cohorts was actually able to self publish a fanzine with a chthonic circulation while losing money every step of the way. The only perks were free records, cds and tapes, and a space on the guest list to cool shows with certain bands who became our bros in arms, if not friends.

So today, since music has become merely digital chump change in the belly of the entertainment industry beast, it has been decided by a shadowy think tank that UA needs to be unleashed onto cyberspace. Enjoy!

Greg Chapman, Founder and Publisher
March, 2014

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