...t his entire site, and every single letter, dot and blank space in it, are :

Copyright 1988 to Eternity, the U.A. Dispensary of Verity.

No facebook friends wanted or tweeting tolerated. There will be no "like"-ing, no "follow"-ing, and for the love of God no "selfies."

There will be no Instagrams either, whatever the fuck that is.

We are wizards of anti-social media.

The only 'meme' involved was that great one where people looked at our website and then never, ever, tried to contact us. Remember that one? Good times.

Any dissemination of the information contained herein requires a deferential subservient demeanor, a bended knee, averting your eyes, and a link back to this site since that's where you stole it from, cunt.

All unsolicited links to meaningless soundcloud mixes or lame Youtube playlists or show announcements or your latest low-tech release on cassette, vinyl, 8-track tape or fucking player piano roll will be considered spam and deleted and somehow, we swear, you will be made to suffer.

If somehow, due to a regrettable moment of ingenuity on your part, however unlikely a moment of ingenuity on your part might be, we receive anything in the mail, it will be ended.

Hate email better be brilliant or don't bother. In fact, just don't bother.

Consider everything "unfriended."


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